Leila Djansi Slams Stella Damasus Over Nollywood Tag


Ghanaian producer Leila Djansi has been explaining why she suggested that new film producers should not be put under the umbrella of Nollywood.

Leila, in a Tv interview which currently on Netflix, stated that the new producers aligning themselves with Nollywood was as terrible being a “mother phoning her son Hitler”.

Stella Damasus and Leila Djansi

The evaluation gotten quite a lot of backlash from Nollywood, with celeb Stella Damasus consuming offense because she clearly sensed Leila’s evaluation was ‘insulting.’

Leila, within the extremely lengthy weblog publish referred to as ‘WHAT’S Within the NAME’, settled the specific situation to boost clarify the concept she possessed prior produced in her speak to.

She also produced some beautiful revelations regarding how exactly Nollywood added and began, “Nollywood will not signify the Nigerian Film Industry…”

Leila is trending once again. Some girl from Nollywood produced a video clip on me. (I hope I get some royalties, I am tapped out.) Within the 2012 documentary Jimmy would go to Nollywood.

A really enjoyable minute among Jimmy and i also, goofy with a few severe undertones, I am requested whether or not the new “Nollywood” films should also be referred to as Nollywood and i said no. Def Not! They are like oil and water. They are too different. It’s kinda like calling your child ‘Hitler’. The Things I designed in this post was record. You increase eye-brows when you label your children ‘Judas’. your son or daughter will invest the remainder of his lifestyle defending his title. Make his lifestyle simple, give him a track record that doesn’t arrive with load.

New Nollywood movies are created with tons of bucks and resilience. A lot of the filmmakers attained out to me inquiring about larger distribution. An excellent number are my pals and that we speak about problems of filmmaking whiles African and dark. Lots from the roadblocks to wider circulation lay within the personal identification of movies which can have arrive about from Nollywood in the fairly the most recent prior.

Hollywood fails to get movement photos primarily since they have noticed them, The majority of the time. They buy movies based on priority. That’s explanations why you choose up important phrases like “in the vein of “Cast Aside. Importance, my video clip is kind of very similar to the Tom Hanks video clip Solid Aside. Now that is a pitch. Solid Aside created so so consequently sum of cash, correct. Allow us go to your movement image. That’s how movement photos may be bought. Priority. Not sentiments.

What this woman however other people won’t totally grasp, regrettably, is Nollywood fails to symbolize the Nigerian Movement image Business. It truly is a fashion within the Nigerian movement image business. It truly is a type of filmmaking discovered within the company. Much like in Ghana we’ve Kumawood and also the English part. Type you make a British film and contact is really a Kumawood film?

The label Nollywood was coined by a united states of america documentary filmmaker who provided it that label because of kind it decides with: reduce cost variety, shot in below each 7 days, relatable storylines, straight to Electronic video clip disc/VCD. That’s what decides a movie that’s definitely “Nollywood”. So, in the event the new movement photos that don’t satisfy up with these circumstances also get in contact with their selves Nollywood, could it be not providing their selves an incorrect brand name?

All of us know also they’re not the normal of filmmaking, although we like Kumawood and Nollywood. This truly is really a situation of “A monkey is favored by his mother, irrespective.” Or, “the hencoop is generally home for the chicken”. Every Weekend, I see Nollywood films. Every Weekend. Therefore I won’t disparage Nollywood, nonetheless i won’t most likely apparel it and consider it a successful prize occasionally.

It’s extremely essential be truthful concerning what you acquired incorrect and admiration the stuff you acquired suitable. Nokia 3310 telephones were really saviors. Innovators. Nonetheless they would have to become exchanged to meet track of recent periods. We certainly have telephones and we have smart telephones. What is in the brand? Personality. In personality, attributes. You will be promoting on your own simple getting in contact with your one hundred,000 funds film “Nollywood”. You really obtain money more earnings by buyers should you label your film “international film” or “Cinema quality”. All of these tag exist because a new personal identification has not been developed to cater to the new type.

These new motion photos from Nollywood are films seeking at globalizing the African motion image scene. Africa is so disrespected and through motion photos, we can transform that story. To reduce the possibility of these videos by tagging them also Nollywood is just not acceptable. Each video in the country is named Nollywood. Sinking Sands (which actually is Jimmy Jean Louis’ foray into that entire globe) is called a Nollywood video, Ties That Combine, Nollywood video. I am just termed as a Nollywood filmmaker. I am just Not. I have received a right to make a choice my identity. I am likely to not apologize for that.


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