Halima Abubakar Reveals What Kind Of Man She’ll Marry


Many leading rated actress Halimah Abubakar, who might have been properly well-known for her Foundation for that Insufficient, is at the moment in Lagos to obtain a charitable believe in tour, which may be arranged for that calendar thirty day period of Mar. “I occur to become able of tour a number of states and haven’t completed that in Lagos. I really have been working offered that Dec without any break up. The extremely final Xmas time was all benefit me. I have received a fresh video developing, “Hard strategy to Liberty,” a story on sexual assault. With this talk to with Paul Ukpabio, Halima confesses into a life-style of deprivation which eventually spurred her into Nollywood and her combat to hold back again the fury she had to get older with.

actress Halima Abubakar

Even though fresh, you possess been famous for humanitarian deeds, what hard disks this desire within you?

Sure, this is the place that draws me and that is definitely the spot I wish to be renowned for. I just found personally doing the function. It got by natural indicates if you inquire me to complete since I needed begged for clothes and food products in past occasions; thus i determine what it believes want to be deprived in all those regions. So, giving is available normal if you inquire me. We must have to share with you to ensure Our god will probably be content with us.

I matured from the to the north. You realize from the to the north, as i was growing up, you only enhance a huge platter of people and food products rest all around share, eat and yes it from using it. Men and ladies place their hands and wrists and try to consume. That had been the way i matured, and yes it was ok. Lagos is distinct even though. So, i have discovered to present. I have that to present generally if i do not have this to present. I have outfits to give of course, if I do not have outfits to give, i have food products to present, generally if i do not possess cash to give. The important thing is that you simply have discussed something with someone in need. You need to share whatever you have except sharing your body (laughs).

You appear to be providing us a different picture about your background here. At least some people had the impression that you come from a privileged background.

Yes, it’s true; I had a privileged background until Savannah bank where my father worked for 26 years was closed down. His money, everything was taken away; without a conscience, they took away our food. Well I thank the bank because they made me a star today!

How did that happen?

I had to find my way into Nollywood and then came down to Lagos to look for job and help my family out of poverty. But if Savannah bank ever comes back, they must be ready to pay back my daddy’s cash. He was a manager in the bank for all of 26 years inKaduna and Katsina, we were going all over the place as he was moved from place to place for his work. Suddenly, Savannah bank was locked up. I’d been considerably younger then. I was carry on to in school. I required to depart Katsina with our children. It completely was in Savannah banking establishment which he received his shut up expenditure, regardless of the truth that my father proved useful at other locations subsequent then. Now I actually do not recommend people to avoid wasting money in the banking establishment precisely exactly where they function because of the fact numerous issues can occur. Simpler to unfold out your money in other monetary establishments additionally to that you simply occupation so as that people have a tendency to not immediately produce your family’s existence sad.

In case your father was really a banking establishment director for the prolonged, he was cozy and might have received some properties…

You show your home and a variety of these types of? We had been needed to market people absent and off to get money. Value Lord which we didn’t will require to go into prostitution. Over again, we experienced been even also youthful then to know what prostitution was. This kind of stage is why superb people change wicked. That’s because of the fact we experienced been really stricken which i have aches and pains to show simply because of it.

But do your father anytime restore?

Properly, he sooner or later do. Which I had been needed to assist you to also. Now they’ve an exquisite farm in Lokoja, exactly where by she or he is succeeding. That has lengthy been his aspiration. And my mom is retired. Mum stored Kano when my father stored. You understand all over the place the individual moves, his feminine has received to adjust to. In the second they might be in Lokoja exactly where by we definitely have our home home.

Precisely exactly where are you currently presently from, although you have actually shifted around the towards the north?

I’m just from Kogi specific. And Lokoja is in near proximity to our little city. I invested the very first two decades of my entire life within the significantly north prior to arriving at Lagos.

Tell us about lifestyle within the north as well as in southern a part of Nigeria.

The reality is that Kano was in which I lived for the majority of of our own years as a child. My elder sister and her loved ones lifestyles there now. In some way I will be attached to Kano. Lagos is the place where I function, it really is in which Furthermore, i have some type of purchase and my little ones stay right here. We all do not remain with each other any longer simply because I understand that sooner or later, I will need to begin my very own family members. Therefore I am very pleased to state which i have committed to our family, rather than gallivanting about the entire world, cruising in yachts, and jets and getting phony photos up and down. I’m really very proud of myself personally now.

Exactly how do you explain your self?

I am a manufacturer along with a author; I am a farmer, which is actually a massive purchase. My dad is definitely the a single dealing with that factor as he knows about it, however i am the chief professional official there. We now have dining places and bakery, they are all a huge advantage. And i Also have urged my young sister to go into the make-up occupation to ensure that I can put money into that too. I am really very proud of the beauty business and i also will enjoy to purchase it, yet another way of assisting the household.

Exactly what does elegance imply for you?

This means becoming you, additionally, it indicates becoming older.

Was it simple for you in the future completely from your north of the country to Lagos to get rid of into Nollywood?

Never ever! It had been difficult to accomplish. It had taken me nearly ten years of my entire life. We have been performing for most likely fifteen years now. I had been a young child, I had been really younger, I had been in JSS 3. For your initially three years of lifestyle in Nollywood, I shot only two films and there was no collection. That is what is called ‘waka pass’. That is the testimony that i have. Then when individuals keep talking trash about me, I simply say they do not know what they are talking about. Usually they don’t know me; they are talking based on gossip on social networking, or the things they are reading online. But that is not me. People should just live their lives and stop being a fake. Must I paint my present, face and take photos and paste on social networking? Prior to the arrival of social networking, weren’t we residing? The amusing component is that men don’t even care if you have a particular brand of lipstick on.

We always keep spending N6,000 on a particular brand of lipstick, but guys don’t even notice it. However your fellow woman will sit down somewhere and start saying, ‘Oh my God, is that this or that? ’ I keep saying that some women dress for their fellow women not for men. That’s because men just look at probably your shoes, wrist watch or your bag or hair style. Although every man has what he looks at, but most frequently it is the way you talk, your intelligence. Usually, not even your footwear, unless of course he owns a boutique and that he is thinking of selling his shoes or your head of hair, if he sells weave-on. That’s because men just look probably at your footwear.

Exactly what is the thing that you consider a drawback for Nollywood?

In Nollywood, piracy is the main thing that you have to fight all your life. Any other thing can be worked on. I believe that one day, someday, the government will decide to fight it. Apart from that, I am not scared of anything in Nollywood.

How about rejection in Nollywood?

No, I am not scared of rejection at all; I have been rejected a lot of times. That was a step for me to operate very hard and make sure that i am successful. Rejection makes me work extremely hard.

Consider make-up, precisely what does it imply for you?

I do not treatment about make-up, I’m sorry to mention, I really contact it portray of encounter (laughs). I actually do not hassle about make-up ought to i be probably not performing some thing special. I don’t believe males are truly intrigued in understanding who produced your footwear. A person that asks me the brand name of my footwear, isn’t prone to get my interest. But when a person purchases footwear and offers me, I’ll consider it.

So in the end are stating you that you simply are not a vain guy or woman?

Oh yeah no, I’m not materialistic. I’m only a nearby Igbirra woman who functions extremely hard to setup and polish on their own, a component northerner that has been in a position to capture the attention of not merely Africa however the interest of individuals outdoors Africa as well via Nollywood. Once i journey overseas, lots of people determine me. Not in Hollywood because I’m not a Hollywood celeb, but recognised in international countries by these that view African films. I’ve been in United states of america and also the Uk to obtain awards so with out perseverance, I wouldn’t happen to be in a position to attain all of that. Therefore I am just myself, I’m just all-natural; I do not try to make sure you anyone.

Which from the awards you obtained touched you most?

Oh yeah, which will be the Goodwill Ambassadorial Award which experienced been held pretty recently in Abuja, which experienced been an enormous 1 for me. from the awards I really have obtained for my charitable occupation, which has certainly touched me and taught me to to know that sure, I’ve carried out nicely. I’ve obtained the UN Peace Ambassadorial Prize, that is actually a great 1 as well. Then also, the expert types I’ve obtained in Nollywood, they’re all unique within their own way. I’m just grateful

What fits you most?

Becoming regular, genuine and becoming truthful.

Will you make?

Normally I do. I accustomed to lb yam till my muscle tissues began creating and that i began decreasing in peak simply because I’d pounded an excessive amount of yam (laughs). So, I halted pounding yam. My very best soup was formerly beans soups nevertheless these days, I do more of vegetable soup. I only cook on special occasions these days.

Would you say you are rich?

Not at all, there are some other people who are more comfortable. Sometimes I do get broke, and i ask people for money and u know how we Nigerians are, they reply you ‘Oh I don’t have money for now’. So to avoid that, I try to safe for such rainy days.

What does success mean to you?

It means helping others; it means advancement in one’s career, being there for others. Even when they were not there for you when you needed them, maybe because they didn’t have to give, or maybe they were just being stingy, that should not stop you from helping people in life (laughs). The important thing is that you touch lives. You are not successful alone; you are successful when you are carrying other people along.

If you were not an actor, what more would you have loved to be?

I would have loved to be a lawyer or work in an embassy so I can make visa available to a lot of people who want to go and party, since they love partying and love seeing places so much. So when they have seen enough, they will come back. I would have loved to be an interpreter of languages. Also I would have loved to be a mediator among countries working with the UN.

What about education?

I have a degree in Sociology from Ado Bayero University, and then also I have a Diploma I was in Federal College of Education, Kano. I have post graduate in management and computer science. I also make sure that I educate myself on things going on around me.

Don’t you feel that you may be intimidating to a man?

Well, that will be the man’s business because I didn’t tell such a man not to go to school, or have a library; I cannot afford not to be myself because of a man who feels intimidated by me. A man should even be happy to encourage me. Any man that is intimidated by a lady is not a man. I have, however, learnt to be tolerant of people. I have learnt to ignore a lot of side talks; I have learnt to be patient with a lot of people, because I have a temper which I have learnt to control. I am working on myself. Also because of the way that I have been treated in the past by people, I really do not value friendship. I am trying hard to know people and that’s where patience comes in. I am still trying to open up; I hope I will be able to do that with a man that i hope to spend the rest of my life with. I do not want a man that i will spend just one year with and he’s gone. I don’t want a man that will make me pop out babies, then he will go clubbing. I will drag his hair for the house! I’ve had anger in the past, so it’s easy to piss me off and it’s easy for me to forgive. I don’t react; at the same time I’m not a robot, so I am bound to react once in a while.

I discover an opportunity to unwind, frequently I actually do not sleeping for just two times and evenings when I’m snapping pictures a movie. I’m occupied when I’m not I viewing rest and movies. I publish scripts, I actually do tons of issues with my go. I really have not travelle each yr and sometimes will touring within the close to long term.

People say you’ll be successfully endowed, so which element from the physique will you advantage most?

It is because I really won’t see something they see, once they preserve praoclaiming that I’m just endowed and so i am endowed, i will say that may be my head. You will find numerous those individuals who’re higher endowed than me, although males and ladies preserve praoclaiming that I’m just successfully endowed, extremely great. I humbled, nevertheless, pleased and am as i discover this kind of feedback.

Then why don’t you matrimony?

Marital lifestyle might arrive anytime it might arrive. You by no means pace it. It is among the quantity of products that one isn’t heading to ought to pace. Matrimony isn’t truly a movie that 1 should pace. You might not get married for your purpose that neighborhood wishes anybody to get wed. You might not get married while you are way as well new, you might not get married because you’ll get more mature. You’ll get dedicated when it’s the correct time. You’ll get dedicated in the event you match the correct gentleman, whenever you are conscious that it should be okay together with the gentleman also is good. And you’re particular that you may have gotten a alright, relaxed matrimony.

But you’ll find individuals in the video clip sector, haven’t they been obtaining near to you with easy relationship proposals?

You might not get wed while you occur to become in Nollywood or simply because people you will find really suggesting correctly. Additionally I actually do not persuade people up to now exactly where by they function.

Does that recommend you’re not likely to get married an actor?

I will not get married to an actor.

Precisely what does style recommend for the requirements?

I gown in every thing that attracts me in that unique time. I don’t have necessities. Whether or not it appears extremely great on me, i can place it on (jokes).

Have you ever regarded as your factor?

I gown in precisely what’s safe. I actually do certainly not gown in things because nearly every other person is placing them on. That person will most likely await anytime if somebody waits to find me grow to be a fashionista. That’s because I gown in what appears extremely great on me that is safe.

I actually do not require clients to as i’m because I like pattern, It is because that could be not my intention. That’s definitely they adore me consequently of me, I would like clients to adore me consequently of my guy or lady. They need to not adore me consequently of outfits I use. I would like clients to as i’m for other issues additionally to style.

Usually whilst you are a fashionista, whilst you are endeavor other good things, males and ladies won’t even understand. All they are looking for once they view you is ‘oh, this younger woman can apparel and verify extremely great.’ All they see could be the extremely great outfits you occur to become usually sporting. That’s definitely not my intention inside your lifestyle. I want to do good things in every day lifestyle, impact males and ladies and also have compliments and prizes for this. I don’t what issues to be extremely regarded and seen towards the outfits I use.


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