Berla Mundi : I’m Still Virgin – Not Slept With Efya


Radio and television character Berla Mundi says she is never the less a virgin at age 27. She said this within a job interview with Hold off around the Hold off Display on Viasat 1. “I am 27 and still a virgin and this is because easy; I am waiting around on God.”
Berla Mundi

She extra she remains to be creeping within the enjoyment company and therefore courting is simply not a higher priority. As outlined by her, she considers there might be a lot more she will do than be fixated with selecting the best guy.

Offered birth to Berlinda Addardey, she’s the following of three kids. Mundi holds a degree in British, Linguistics and Psychology within the School of Ghana, Legon.

Mundi intends to pursue a Masters Diploma the brand new year. She’s learning French in the Alliance Francaise presently.

She’s a presenter on Live 91.9 ‘Moments, FM and GhOneTV With Mo’ on EbonyTV.

Given that rapper EL and Berla Mundi created their companionship public, numerous had been of the view that there is a lot much more from what the 2 say they may have.

Within a job job interview with Wait about the Wait Demonstrate, Berla managed to get clear that she has led not to particular day any gentleman in the amusement industry introducing that she has not however slept with EL.

“I haven’t slept with El, we have been just great friends, and to become honest I even have informed myself that i will never become concerned in any industry particular individual. It’s not that I don’t wish to instead I just wish to be targeted,” she defined.

Sent Berlinda Addardey, she really is another of a few kids. Mundi retains a diploma in State of mind, English language and Linguistics in the College or school of Ghana, Legon.

Mundi plans to pursue a Masters Level next year. She actually is studying French in the Alliance Francaise presently.

Wonderful songstress Efya is unquestionably among Ghana’s extremely best ladies performers who might be fantastic at what she does alongside with a very strong and attractive audio one couldn’t alter away from it when she sings or when her tracks are performed out as well as this time, it completely was on Nitro; the Reside Therapy. Utilizing an intense design, excellent seem along with a bundled blended bag of tunes to dazzle her way via each functionality, Efya usually requires the stage in the mood to own and make her existence more than sensed throughout her treatment.

I’m not slept with Efya – Berla Mundi

Her choir functionality along with the viewers who jammed, sung and executed along with her on ‘Little Things’, ‘Best in Me’, ‘One of one’s respective Own’ around the list of other tunes is definitely divine.

The spirit goddess needed her time to explain her artwork function and audio as well as in the space within the 2nd or two to specific, “My fashion of audio, I believe of it, Efya Audio. By the most recent you’re doing a little reggae and you are a reggae artiste but I like to do things which are blended. But most of it definitely provides the basis of spirit.” Her music supplies the comfort and luxury that receives you through your working day and she just specifies it like that.

Nitro; the Remain Time period is going to be demonstrating the 6th from the year of thirteen episodes on DSTV Africa Miracle about the Portable As well as Route 151 for your whole show and interview. This is the initially of numerous productions from Echo Home an innovative advertising and advertising organization seems at undertaking things crazy enough to draw attention and potent enough to make a point.


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