Woman Spends $10k To Get Like Kim Kardashian’s Big Butts


In order to model her own right behind on the well-known belongings of fact-Television set maven Kim Kardashian, Miami-based health care worker Marlene Chinea shelled out a reported $10k to undergo a Brazilian butts.

kim butt

Nevertheless I thought a little more would emphasize my assets, “I was alright with my bum well before. I merely wished for more projection,” describes the 36-year-old, who also admitted to having a boob job in 2012.

Prior to going within the knife for your 5-hour process, by which fat can be pulled from her arms, decrease and upper back, in addition to her stomach and thighs by means of liposuction surgery, Chinea was required to pack on twenty pounds – several which would be administered into her right behind.

flaunting, healed and Now her brand new base in the interpersonal sphere, Chinea confesses that she’s more than pleased together with the results.

“People are wondering and want to know every little thing about my quest. Overall every day life is great and so i am satisfied,” she stated. “I’ve also obtained plenty of interest from equally sexes, not merely people either.”

When Chinea has however to learn from her idol Kim, she’s not embarrassed with relying on an important nip and tuck to achieve her wanted derriere, considering the 300-leg squats-for each-day workout strategy just wasn’t slicing it.

“Many people today’s society still ridicule cosmetic surgery, but I can attest that some outcomes will never be accomplished with eating and working out alone,” she notices.


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