Watch Kourtney Nude Photoshoot Behind The Scene


Kourtney nude photoshoot take and the very damn hot video, perfect potential Bachelorette and professional Kit Kat eater.
Kourtney nude photoshoot
Within a clip from Checking Up On the Kardashians, Kourtney usually takes fans behind the curtain of any nude photoshoot and shows what she’s most insecure about. “I feel as if my ass like vanished once I lost excess weight,” Kourtney tells digital photographer Brian Bowen Smith. “We have to plump it up! ”

“You’ll be amazed how wonderful your bum is going to seem,” the wedding photographer shows her. “We want to make the sisters jealous.”

Small sibling Kylie Jenner can also be in the set up (fully clothed) to provide her sibling some advice and present critiques, also. Nude shoots are in the household for the Kardashians, it appears.


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