Sanni Kanyinsola – Every Role I Get As Challenge


Yoruba Actress Sanni Kanyinsola, part of Moving Coach Amusement, will be the company of the movie, Medical professional Romirayo, that is becoming advertised by Isolak Marketing expert. She discussions to OLABISI KEHINDE about her experience with Nollywood to date. Excerpts


HOW would you start in the movie sector?

I began from Ogun Express. Later, I got down to Lagos where by I became a member of Dual A Enjoyment arranged by Afeez Abiodun, otherwise known as Owo. So, years later, I kept there and I signed up with a team named Transferring Teach Enjoyment.

That the existing group of people?

Moving Train Amusement is my recent group of people.

What exactly have you ever completed so far within the movie industry?

We have undertaken component in a few home video tutorials like Ibuso, Bankarere and Ida Omo Alhaja plus a cleansing soap opera referred to as Angel.

What were you doing before behaving?

I found myself students. I initially went along to PEFTI Video Institution exactly where I studied performing. And following, I traveled to Yaba University of Technological innovation exactly where I examined Size Connection. In addition, i monitored a shop.

What are already your obstacles?

Obtaining a role on areas is definitely my challenge. And often they think in utilizing what you must get what you want. And in addition they already have the way of thinking of if you aid a person they later on overlook you.

How about your background?

I am coming from a polygamous group of Mr. Eniola Sanni and so i am the youngest of the property.

What age are you presently and so are you within a connection?

I am 29 years. I am in a relationship but nonetheless single.

What has become your most tough role?

No function is challenging to me.

Have you considered your current video, doctor Romirayo?

There was plenty of obstacle there in the beginning. Beginning from production and loans and also place however i give beauty to Our god that every little thing moved nicely.

What exactly is the movie transferring over?

It’s regarding a rape case, but the most important thing is no matter the scenario we must not place (the) regulation in our hands.

What is going to you wish to inform your fans?

What I would want to say is the fact in every little thing we all do we must let Lord to accept beauty.


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