Lauren Goodger – I Want To Be Naked Every Day


Lauren Goodger took selfies since she sensed insecure.

The ‘Only Approach Is Essex’ superstar adored snapping self-portraits and publishing them online but insists she didn’t do so that it is vain only to “have handle” more than how she searched.
Lauren Goodger
She mentioned: “It wasn’t simply because I’m vain. It is because of being inferior. I have control over the way in which I look in my own, personal images.

“I found myself called a ‘disgusting beached whale’ and one woman said I appeared like I considered forty natural stone. But it was individuals photographs that made me understand how fat I would received and therefore I actually were required to take action about my body weight – or I’d be fat for years. They were horrendous – I sensed mortified.”

Lauren Goodger dreaming if she can keep weight away after shedding four stone

The 29-year-old television character – who has lowered an outstanding four stone – is looking towards head out on the initial girls’ vacation in 4 years and it is even considering posing for nude picture shoots in the near future.

She told the Saturday Vanity mirror newspapers: “I’m definitely getting excited about going on a beach and being photographed because I realize there are actually no poor angles on me any longer. I have not been over a girls’ holiday in 4 years due to the fact I didn’t feel comfortable. Now I can’t hang on to publication one!

“I would like to be naked daily! I’d certainly be up for nude shoots now while I am fresh and haven’t obtained children.”


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