Fetty Wap Having Unprotected Sex With Masika


Fetty Wap has been involved in some serious drama with Really like & Hip-Hop: Hollywood celebrity Maska Kalysha. Masika is expecting in what she affirms is Fetty Wap’s baby while he has apparently made an effort to extended distance themselves from her. Masika proceeded the invasion the other day (Jan. 6) and insisted that Fetty Wap received her pregnant on purpose. Now, Fetty Wap is finally discussing around the scene.
Fetty Wap Masika sex
The Latest Jersey rapper/artist was interviewed by The Hue Area and mentioned his partnership with Masika. He discussed exactly how the two initially met.

“I really never learn how to clarify that shit,” Fetty Wap mentioned. “I was at the get together initially when I first met her and my manager was one which got me to go talk with her. I swear to god. He was like… You probably know how when dudes be jointly and they are just talking. After which one thing… you already know, it was just insane. It’s perfect here.”

The 2015 XXL Freshman shrugged and laughed his shoulder muscles following offering the best solution. If he was looking forward to being a father, he was then asked. He replied within an interesting way.

“I’m just going to state that she realized what she was undertaking,” Fetty Wap said. “That shit wasn’t no… I wasn’t just no randomly guy within the group. She recognized I found myself gonna be there and that’s how that happened.”

Fetty Wap was then asked if he had unprotected sex with Masika. He admitted to accomplishing this.

“Yeah, I ain’t going to lie,” Fetty Wap replied. “I received no reason at all to rest. I did it. We talked about specific shit which had been designed to occur and so i suppose she journeyed around that shit. That’s how I knew it was all organized. That shit wasn’t no we meant to be jointly. I was not even… I was out. After I kept, I moved back to my typical daily life. Next thing I know, I’m acquiring sms messages like, Whatchu gonna do?  I said what I’m going to do. It is a lot of shit going on with this today.”

You can see the entire talk to with Fetty Wap earlier mentioned since he addresses another women in his life and also his motorbike incident.


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