Actress Uche Ogbodo Slams On Fan In Instagram


Nigerian actress Uche Ogbodo has gotten into some dilemma together with her followers on Instagram.
Actress Uche Ogbodo

Yesterday (Jan three), she provided a selfie of her rocking a septum ring. She captioned the image “This youthful girl is cultivated up. I can see no wicked, see ya later.”

Fans Call Actress Uche Ogbodo is Ugly in photo of Instagram

An individual called esther_charlys commented and referred to as Actress Uche Ogbodo ‘ugly’. Uche Ogbodo didn’t use the insult kindly and replied with the expletive riddled statement.

Her response failed to end the haters from coming on her with increased insults. Uche Ogbodo clapped rear today with a new Instagram article.

This Young Lady is Grown up.. i can see no evil , See ya later!? #Goodmorning Off to @iamsugarchika Nuptial , bless u girl

A photo posted by Uche Ogbodo *Actress* (@ucheogbodo) on

Actress Uche Ogbodo gets insulted by Fans on Instagram

“At this Very Moment, I’m just Ruler! And I can take my Crown for the Severe! Fuck your View! An Ex trained me in Never to Use the word #Fuck but you know what? Fuck him as well! I am just too healthy for you also. My Dad explained to me, not every person will delight in me, fans are gonna like, Haters are gonna detest! but Fuck anyone Haters! I’ve acquired my entire life to reside. Accomplished taking part in through your godforsaken regulations. About now, We play it by Me or Fuck anyone! Like I explained #Goddess did it! it wasn’t Uche #PeopleFaketooMuchIJustWannaSleep #confidenceiskey #godmademe #sogofuckingnuts #iamanoriginal” she published nowadays.

Uche Ogbodo does swear a lot though.


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