Actress Reveals Relationship With Ex-Husband


Actress Juliet Ibrahim had been a invitee with a TV series on Sunday, Jan 17 and she described her occupation and the way she was previously a runway product. She also touched on the ‘beef’ inside the Nigerian film sector in addition to her previous marital life, expressing each party chosen to move ahead over time.
Actress Juliet Ibrahim
Fast forward to ten years and she says she was previously an usher at occasions, one and basically involved with TV ads.

The Ghanaian actress revealed that behaving emerged into the blend on her behalf soon after she earned a beauty pageant. She then journeyed to have an audition using the assistance of your buddy in 2007, a period the Ghanaian motion picture market was start to pick up, and every little thing changed from there.

Ibrahim mentioned she got a significant role from her very first audition which landed her an visual appeal within the film Crime To Christ.

She revealed she never prepared to be an celebrity but alternatively a songs star. She stated she used to be shy yet still is, but she accepted she may be any person she would like to be while on monitor.

She also described communicating a number of dialects given she went to school and studied Spanish.

On her partnership with some other actors in Nollywood, she shared with the show’s hold, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, that she tries to possess a amazing connection with virtually everyone as she doesn’t get the time or purpose to ‘beef’ anyone.

The four weeks In Metro atlanta superstar also discussed her sibling, Sonia Ibrahim, who seems to be a rapid-soaring actress and how nicely she actually is doing in the movie market.

On the marriage to her ex-partner, she stated both parties chose to move on as time passes with each other. She even so stated the dissolution possessed nothing with regards to her performing occupation.

On the romantic relationship with movie stars IK Ogbonna, Emmanuel Ikubese and Brian Okwara she said there exists nothing at all just like a passionate situation going on in between her and then any of those.


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