Actress Monalisa Chinda Happy With Her Divorce Life


Nollywood legend actress Monalisa Chinda, has exposed on her shattered matrimony, declaring that “no matter just how a girl may well provoke a male, the man has no directly to elevate his practical the lady but simply move on.”

actress Monalisa Chinda

It is magnificent that everyone has a demon in them however it is now kept to enable them to discover and realize how to management it, in accordance with the mother of a single who has been a sufferer of a violent marital life.

“Violence ought not to be recognized in any kind of union,” Actress Monalisa Chinda said.

My loved ones supported me and remember if the violence started off, I did not get any person concerned.

I wanted to type it all out myself personally then when it continuing for many years, I had to let my family know here is the decision I want to acquire, that I wish to depart.

They asked why and that i advised them the situations which have taken place previously and they also mentioned oh, okay, you have to abandon.

Actress Monalisa Chinda – I got support from my family For Divorce.

Being one particular new mother, my family provided their approval to me to depart the marriage because of the issue of residential physical violence, she quipped.

Discussing additional in a current job interview with DZRPT Breakfast time Team, the actress stated that at the first phase of your entire scenario, she experienced attempted trying to keep it from 3rd party, but once it continuing, she were required to get her loved ones involved.


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