Students Filmed Sex Tape Of Underage Teen


Police say two 14-year-old teen boys have been arrested right after one of those allegedly filmed having sex with a minor girl.
filmed school sex
The Smithtown High School Graduation individuals have not been determined.

Underage student filmed sex video goes viral!

Law enforcement say they face fees including disseminating indecent material to kids.

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Law enforcement officials provided no info on whether or not they have law firms who could remark. The case is now being prosecuted in Loved ones Court.

20 students suspend over filmed sex video of minor girl!

As many as twenty pupils at nearby Kings Recreation area High School Graduation have been suspended for possibly watching the deal with on their own mobile phones, or giving copies to friends.

At least one parent is decrying his son’s suspension, saying he should not be disciplined simply for receiving the unsolicited video.

A civil libertarian states the accident has elevated questions above due approach.



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