Witch doctor having sex with 8 women


A Thai witch doctor has become sentenced to 22 years and 8 weeks in jail for fraud and sexual assault, a mass media document said on Tuesday.

Timothy A ClaryThanawat Asawaponsuwan, known in your area as Doctor Karawek, was sentenced to 22 several years with the Bangkok felony courtroom for deceiving 8-10 females into having sex with him.

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Based on Manager Paper, Thanawat presented on local websites he possessed “black magic powers” and might produce enjoy potions that will entice the exact opposite sex.

The 8-10 affected individuals had approached Thanawat for his professional services merely to be advised that they have to perform sex act with him as compensation.

The court also discovered the defendant accountable for scams following he couldn’t reveal in the court he possessed any supernatural capabilities.


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