TNA Politician Alleged Having Sex With Married Village Woman Mwende


Gatongora Ward Part of State Construction, George Gitau, is currently languishing in the authorities cell following he was arrested for assaulting Victor Kameu, a male whoever wife was owning an illicit matter with all the TNA MCA.

love black coupleKimeu, who is a fowl owner in Kihunguro, Ruiru, captured his MCA, George Gitau, reddish-given having sex with his wife, Mercy Mwende, within their matrimonial mattress.

So that as if it had not been sufficient, the TNA politician journeyed ahead of time to give the inadequate Kimeu a dog’s defeating even though making love with his better half and abducted him through the help of his shameless better half.

Kimeu recounted how he arrived at his residence on Weekend night and knocked in the front door for a long period without any response even though he could listen to movement and sex sounds coming from inside the house.

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He secured the entrance way externally to get the aid of nearby neighbors and when he came rear he discovered Mwende and also the MCA practically to finish their erotic escapade.

Just before bundling him into a waiting around automobile and drove toward Kiambu, hell shattered loosened after his very own partner along with the MCA established the door and beat him up, nevertheless. Gods had been on his side and that he escaped along Kiambu Streets.

Both the MCA and Mwende were arrested.

Mwende denied that Kimeu is her hubby, when Kimeu insisted which he has fathered a child together with her and offers for them such as having to pay rent payments to the residence she lifestyles in.


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