A Black Girl Strips Naked And Twerking After Taking Drug Called Flakka


A nude black girl believed to be high on a brand new, remarkably addicting medicine named Flakka is seen on video clip stripped as guys pour ketchup and drinking water on the.
There is very little fine detail regarding once the occurrence happened and exactly how old the recording is, which made an appearance just recently on WorldStarHipHop and is going around the internet.

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Observed in the video, the woman clearly would seem ‘high’ on some thing but rather than folks helping the female, other ladies stand by as ‘horny,’ ‘excited’ and ‘out-of-control’ guys are found in the recording entertaining on their own with the bad woman’s expenditure.

A single person is even seen retaining a couch for that female to use as a sexual activity tool as other guys are observed flowing everything from ketchup to water on her and moving with regards to holding her.

At one point within the video, the female yells out something such as ‘am I WorldStar now? ’ followed by men shouting on her behalf to ‘do much more.’ She’s then observed belly dancing just before being untruthful in her rear with a restaurant kitchen table exactly where people were nonetheless consuming (like nothing at all is taking place), as being the girl then propagates her hip and legs as being a person is viewed rubbing involving the woman’s thighs and legs as other guys pour ketchup, normal water, and so forth around the lady (as though for leisure).

Though it may be being stated that she could have been provided Flakka other people believe that it could have been some thing totally different.

The medication Flakka can be a new artificial drug reported to be causing havoc in numerous the southern part of suggests, which include Tennessee, Fl, Kentucky and someplace else.


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