Etta Bond Nudity In Music Videos


“Should you are unable to see a bunch of naked women, you are just proving my position.” – Etta Bond
“Many people might see this movie and miss the message,” Etta Connection told The FADER above email about her new visible for that single “Seen rather than Noticed.” Basically If I was observed and never noticed, you could repeat the same for path on its own, which wraps a feminist declaration-will it be easier? Caged up similar to a very little pet bird? -within the gentle lull of soulful ’90s-style RAndB.

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But “Seen And Never Heard” can be a powerful minute for Central london-centered Relationship, who’s formerly been most well known for guest appearances on tracks with the likes of U.K. MCs Wretch 32 and Program B and collaborative EPs with company Raf Riley. “Viewed and Never Noticed” is a reclaiming of her very own sound, and she’s reclaiming it in fashion: offering Relationship and a group of good friends putting on only panels bearing the song’s potent lyrics, the video is really daring it’s primarily a serious jarring view. Which is, before you start off to think about all of the usual ways nude women bodies are sexual on video, and about how various, and silently relocating, this visible is.
Etta Bond - Seen And Never Heard nudity
“[Some individuals] may well not spot the words,” Link ongoing. “They will often evaluate us, amount us away from 10, objectify us….When you are able to deflect the bullshit individuals chuck to you, when you are able to shrug at people’s feeble efforts to define who you are-the energy and potential assimilated from which is really worth the bullet. This video was not only a opportunity for us to ‘love yourself the way you are’ it had been to check ourselves. This is not an egotistical exhibit. It was actually us, arriving together as you. You might be just proving my stage should you are not able to see prior a variety of naked females. And that’s okay.”

The clip, premiering earlier mentioned, features a subtle ability to it, as there’s a little nervous vitality in the women’s view initially that little by little evaporates as every single enters into their own personal skin on digital camera. In Bond’s phrases: “Whenever you can absolutely begin to see the elegance in other individuals, you’ll really view the attractiveness in your self. I am hoping to give young ladies a video that will inspire them, and demonstrate to them how to love on their own, not desire these folks were somebody else. I want women to keep in mind and comprehend they are in command of their own personal life, of them selves. I want girls to find out that they are worthy, not inadequate. I want young girls to be observed and noticed.”


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