Regina Chukwu has no issues act in sex scene


Regina Chukwu who is a quick Rising Yoruba film actress, has offered insights sex role she’s needed to play in.

Regina ChukwuThe beautiful mother of two is so at home with Yoruba movies and has delivered a couple movies she could call her own.

She is such a quintessential actress, to the point that trusts each actress ought to have the capacity to convey any part given regardless of the fact that it poses a few questions of individual convictions.

The actress has said she has no issues assuming parts that include sex scene.

‘I have done it maybe a couple times. Acting is pretend, so you must be agreeable when you are doing it and you likewise need to look into that our general public doesn’t bolster a few things.

They might simply denounce you for doing a few things however that doesn’t mean you won’t do it. ‘We just must be obliging while doing it.

There was this motion picture I shot, I don’t thoroughly consider it’s yet, we were to shoot a scene of where we are having intercourse, genuine affection making.

After the executive had shot the scene, I verified they did the behind the scene shots, where individuals would see that I had my clothes on.

‘I made that request due to my kids especially; they are children and would not get it.

I made them to do the behind the scene so that toward the end of day individuals would see that individuals were really in the room while shooting the scene,’ she said.

Regina’s well known movies incorporate ‘Akun’, ‘Ewatomi’, “Idaro,” ‘Awolu ati Awalu’ and Ogunso


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