Princess Shyngle wants act nude for $1 million


Ghana based hottest sex symbol actress and model, Princess Shyngle, has uncovered in another meeting that she will act nude for an installment of $1million.

Princess ShynglePrincess Shyngle,who has been selected at the current year’s City People Entertainment Awards 2015 as Most Promising Actress of the year, put forth the expression in a meeting with Gh Links when she was approached on the off chance that she would act nude for one million dollars.

“Accordingly, she said: HELL YEAH I will yet…

The 24-year-old actress has highlighted in a few TV projects and films including , ‘5 Brides’ , ‘Jack and Jill’ , ‘Family Album’, Why Should I Get Married’, and numerous others.


Hello Princess how are you today and how is 2015 treating you?

Princess Shyngle: I must say 2015 has been an incredible year so far and I express gratitude toward God for that, this year alone I was made a model for the June version of HOUSE OF MALIK MAGAZINE, I was additionally included solely for the first run through on 24hours daily paper, and realistic showbiz daily paper.

I got marked to one of the greatest ability organizations in Africa (UPFRONT AND PERSONAL) they have worked with specialists like wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Don lively, Ini edo so it was a major ordeal for me, I was named the most thrilling VIP in Africa by Richlifestyle(dot)com, and I likewise as of late got named as the most encouraging actress 2015 for The City People Awards, so 2015 has been an astounding year for me as such.

As you would see it, who is a fruitful lady?

Princess Shyngle: A fruitful lady is an upbeat lady with a bit of brain, great wellbeing and has a family (spouse and children) that adoration and think about her.

Who is Princess Shyngle off screen?

Princess Shyngle: Well I am a wellness oddity off screen, constantly worried about my eating regimen and what I put into my body, I am a fun individual adoration to hang out and chill, I am a cherishing individual, I cherish being infatuated and in a relationship, I cherish shopping and voyaging, I adore composing and getting inventive, I am likewise fixated on the web continually looking into, I figure that is me off screen.

Let us know something that individuals don’t think about you?

Princess Shyngle: Well sincerely I have a terrible temper and can be exceptionally limit some of the time yet over all I am a sweetheart.

Can you let us know about your excursion to distinction?

Well my adventure to distinction all began when I spoke to my nation in a reality demonstrate (THE NEXT MOVIE STAR AFRICA) and rose the second runner up in the entire of Africa, that is practically where it all began for me.

How is your fantasy man? : I sincerely can’t characterize my fantasy man (LOL) yet I know the day I set my eyes on him I’ll simply know it’s him.

Will you act nude for One million dollars?

Princess Shyngle: HELL YEAH I will ( hahahahahahaa) the length of I won’t be butt naked and won’t be doing anything sex related, I genuinely wouldn’t fret by any means, I adore my body and any individual who knows me knows I am not ashame to parade it.

Will you discuss your reputed sentimental association with D.Black?

Princess Shyngle: (HAHAHAHAH) D.Black and I are just companions nothing more.

What’s your perspective on sex before marriage?

Princess Shyngle: I sincerely don’t have any issue with sex before marriage, not saying it’s privilege in light of the fact that my religion does not acknowledge it in light of the fact that it’s corrupt, but rather despite everything I have no issue with anybody that decides to do it, by the day’s end we are all heathens and there is no impeccable person.

Any guidance to up and coming stars who admire you as a good example?

Princess Shyngle: Well before I guidance every one of those that admire me as their good example I would adore them to realize that I began this voyage at 19 years old when I spoke to my nation in the 2010 NEXT MOVIE STAR AFRICA and rose as the second runner up, I later left my nation, my family, my companions and moved to Ghana at 22 years old.

I knew nobody here, had no companions, no family it was hard for me yet I needed to do it in light of the fact that I needed to seek after my profession in acting, and after all the diligent work, desolate and tragic evenings my fantasies are turning out to be valid.

o my recommendation is never think you are excessively youthful, making it impossible to take after your fantasies, take after your heart make the best choice and God will see you through.


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