Ghanaian Actress Andrea Owusu wants act nude for Good Cash


Ghanaian upcoming actress Andrea Owusu, has given solid sign that she is willing to act nude gave the cash is great and she is given an in number part in the motion picture at the top of her promising profession.
A vivacious, receptive character, the 24-year-old actress, referred to in showbiz hovers as Efia Odo, is not careless of the negative recognition and disdain she may court in the public eye for such a challenging part, yet she is in any case prepared to give it a shot to put forth an in number expression.

“I am without a doubt willing to act nude yet on the conditions that I am given an in number part in an incredible script in a film which pays well and I would just do that at the point in my profession where I am immovably settled as an actress. Nude parts are additionally a piece of acting and as an actress I ought to have the capacity to depict any character I am given,” she told Showbiz in a select meeting.

An in number character who has gotten the features for her to some degree provocative feeling of style, the Royal Diadem actress conceded that her dress sense was an impression of her identity and not an intends to look for consideration.

Conceived in Ghana, she moved to the United States at five years old and lived abroad until she came back to the nation seven months prior to seek after her energy in acting. At the debut of Royal Diadem at the Silverbird Cinema as of late, the youthful actress was dressed to slaughter, as she stopped people in their tracks in her bra-less dress, cleavage-uncovering on celebrity lane. Actually, her Instagram page is flooded with photos of Efia Odo in different in vogue outfits which upgrade her extensive bends furthermore mirrors her persona.

“I dress the way I need taking into account how I am feeling right now. At sure times I have a craving for dressing sexy and demonstrating some skin, different times I have a craving for dressing in an alternate manner and that ought not be an issue for anybody,” she said.

Be that as it may, the actress demands she had solid ethics despite her free-vivacious way of life design sense, addressing why a few individuals would frame assumptions about her when they really have no learning at about her.

“Individuals for the most part trust I am a gathering girl or somebody who is indiscriminate just taking into account my dressing yet in all actuality I am a free soul, liberal individual with a decent heart. I am neighborly and charming so under the steady gaze of anybody endeavors to judge me, the individual ought to attempt to know me first,” she said.

Being in the general population eye frequently accompanies desires from society however Efia would not permit herself to be hindered by societal desires of her. Indeed, she admitted to Showbiz she was mindful Ghanaian were regularly moderate and hope to be a traditionalist, yet she had shut her ears to all such negative remarks.

“I am not your run of the mill Ghanaian girl so I don’t give careful consideration to what individuals say. I am not prepared to put on a show to be somebody I am not all that if individuals don’t comprehend that, that is their issue,” the sexy actress said.

Be that as it may, she was unwilling to open up on her relationship status, declining to concede whether she was single or not but rather said she was all the while thinking of her as alternatives.

Efia uncovered that she as of now holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Nyack University in the United States and her definitive objective is to take her profession past the shores of Africa.


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