Joanna Krupa Goes Nude For Peta To Protest SeaWorld


— The Real Housewives of Miami’s Joanna Krupa went nude body-paint for Peta.

Also, the body-paint intended to make her resemble an orca mermaid didn’t make her look less sexy.
krupa nude body-paint peta

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Naked actress Laura Vandervoort Blasts SeaWorld in PETA

The Ex supermodel is a devoted Peta supporter, and this battle is a push to expose a blacklist of Orlando’s SeaWorld in light of the fact that it keeps executioner whales hostage for quite a long time.

Joanna Krupa strips naked body-paint For Peta

The primary photograph has Krupa in a fish bowl alongside the words “sad. lonely. A Long Way From Home.
krupa nude body-paint seaworld


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