Enitan Odugbemi Don’t Flaunt Her Boobs Intentionally


Curvy and busty Yoruba Actress Enitan Odugbemi is a star to watch out for in the film industry. In spite of the fact that as yet up and coming, Enitan has done numerous movies that could pitch her shoulder to bear with a percentage of the best abilities in the business.

Enitan Odugbemi boobsAside from her ability, which is never in uncertainty, the following thing that brings her consideration are her huge, well proportioned boobs which have brought about her slight humiliation in more than one event.

In a past talk with blend, the maker of a film, Rado Lomo, related her involvement with fan who escaped from turn with her and snatched at her boobs.

Enitan Odugbemi can’t cover her huge boobs

“Yes, that was at Oxford Street in London. I was at Oxford road to do some shopping so this young fellow strolled up to me and said my face looked well known.

Later, he said he could review that I am an actress. I grinned and he asked for to bring a photo with me. I concurred. The following minute, I understood he was attempting to touch my boobs. I slapped him promptly.

I later acknowledged slapping him isn’t something worth being thankful for. I apologized and kissed him. He grinned and now we are great companions” she described.

In a late talk she concurred that her big boobs bring her undesirable consideration however kept up she’s not really the one at fault for that.

“I don’t reveal my body in films, it’s simply in light of the fact that I am shapely. I cherish my boobs so much and I say thanks to God in light of the fact that he offered them to me. I don’t consider uncover my body or boobs. People just have a tendency to notice them in light of the fact that they are enormous,” she said.


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