Video: Sex Attack on 13-Year-Old California school Girl


Compelling voices in northern California are scanning for a “striking” sexual attacker today whose audacious late morning assault on a teenager girl as she returned home from school was gotten on a home reconnaissance cam.

A Sex Attacker try to rape a 13-year-old school girl in California

CCTV Footage – 13-year-old girl sexual assaulted by a serial sexual predator

13-Year-Old California Girl Fights Off Alleged Sexual AttackerIn the feature, the man can be seen trailing the 13-year-old girl as she advances home Tuesday in San Jose, California. He approaches her on the front venture of her home and after that strengths some way or another into the girl’s home through the entryway.

Police said he endeavored to sexually ambush her in the anteroom. In the feature, she battles back, pushing him away and pummeling her hand into his face. In the wake of ceasing and a brief respite, the man escapes out of the house.

The teenager said she initially recognized the man when he drew nearer her on the entryway patio. She said he clarified that he was lost and afterward asked her name and age. She said he then continued to pose improper inquiries.

“That is the point at which I chose to run inside the house in light of the fact that [I’d] officially opened it,” the center school student told ABC offshoot KGO-TV in San Jose. “I attempted to pummel the entryway on him yet I proved unable.”

The teen, whose family asked that she not be distinguished and that her face not be indicated, said that after she pushed the man away, she searched for something sharp or substantial to toss at him in the event that he came after her once more.

Rather, he exited and the panicked girl covered up in the storage room, sending her dad a content: “Daddy, return home at this point. Some gentleman attempted to rape me.”

Her dad then called 911.

Powers said today that the man in the video is needed in another asserted sexual attack. In April, in West San Jose, police said, the man seen in the feature had additionally taken after a 28-year-old woman into a market restroom and endeavored to sexually attack her.

Neighbors in the teenager’s group said they were nervous and powers asked that inhabitants stay alarm.

Sgt. Enrique Garcia of the San Jose Police Department said he accepted the culprit would assault once more.

“Indeed,” he said. “These fellows are predators.”

“I’m truly content I’m safe,” the teenager said, “yet I’m still truly frightened. I’m truly low on believing the outside world any longer.”


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