MTV babe Lateysha Pose topless


The wannabe Rihanna looks more like she’s ventured out of Hollywood than the Valleys as she gladly postures naked – utilizing simply her hands to cover her humility.

22-year-old model Lateysha was plainly quick to hotshot the impacts of her different restorative surgery operations as she dazed in the Cleopatra themed pic.
Lateysha topless
The star has as of now had lip filler and bum infusions yet concedes despite everything she plans to have a nose occupation and her nipples diminished.

The Welsh magnificence was the subject to open mortification in the wake of uncovering her “burger nips” on MTV demonstrate, The Valleys in 2012.

As per Lateysha at one point the affront got so awful even her boyfriend guaranteed her nipples “looked like Hob Nobs”.

Talking about her longing to go under the blade, she said: “I’m investigating getting a Brazilian Butt-Lift abroad, I’ve been identifying with a couple of specialists, so I’m most likely going to accomplish that.

“I look in the mirror and I’m similar to, ‘I need to change this.’

“I’ve for a long while been itching to accomplish my nose. I don’t need it reshaped or nothing, I simply need it a tad bit more slender.

“I’ve got a meeting in March and I’m going to get my boobs revamped.

“They’ve hung a bit, so I’m having them done. Also, I’m having my nipples made littler.”

You look incredible Lateysha, we simply trust you don’t go too far.


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