Gabi Grecko Poses Nude For PETA


Serial nudist Gabi Grecko has at the end of the day bared all – yet this time its for the sake of philanthropy, as a major aspect of PETA’s most recent against hide battle.

Gabi, 25, wearing only her mark fire hued tresses, holds a cat in the shot which peruses: “Hide is for pussies”.

Gabi Grecko nude peta pussies

“I’m known for stripping down on the fly, yet this time, I needed to do it for a better than average reason,” Gabi said.

“With PETA’s help, I need to demonstrate the world that just a whiny baby would hurt creatures by wearing hide.”

Gabi Grecko Strips Naked For PETA

Gabi joins an extensive rundown of famous people who have gotten their unit off to bring issues to light against wearing hide, including Pink, Cindy Crawford, The Veronicas, Khloe Kardashian and Natalie Imbruglia.

The US-conceived model and DJ as of late addresses the Daily Mail about arrangements for up and coming ceremony to 72-year-old life partner Geoffrey Edelsten.

“I’m arranging a major dark sheer marquee and a smoke machine, its the nearest thing to feeling you’re strolling on mists. Our wedding won’t be truly what you expect, it will be diverse,” she said.


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