#SayHerName : Black Women Topless protest against police over abuse


Act were held in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington DC and New Orleans, yet just in San Francisco women left their bared Boobs.
sexual abuse of black women topless
Around 300 dissenters, mostly ladies, blocked movement as they walked topless through the lanes of the Financial District of San Francisco, USA, to challenge against police mercilessness against unarmed and shaded women.

The challenges concentrated on the demise of Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Rekia Boyd, who kicked the bucket in 2010 and 2012 individually in occasions where cops used over the top power.

The challenges were spurred subsequent to meeting a report discharged Wednesday by the African Forum American Politics recording the homicide and sexual abuse of black women by cops, which was entitled “#SayHerName: Resisting the police fierceness against Black women.”

While the challenges were additionally held in different urban areas like New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington DC and New Orleans, just in San Francisco it was the main spot where ladies nonconformists removed her shirt and left her naked bosoms as another measures to bring issues to light.

The dissenters likewise demonstrated flags with the hashtag #SayHerName with an end goal to incorporate Nagger women in the talk.


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