Woman Shootout By Ex-Resident After Escaping Rape


A woman who dealt with a Bronx destitute sanctuary was killed after an unsettled previous occupant rape her at gunpoint and afterward shot her as she fled naked attempting to escape him, police sources said Tuesday.

Ana CharlieAna Charlie’s nude, projectile baffled body was left on a ruined stretch of Bullard Avenue soon after the turned assault by ex-con West Spruill, who laid-in-hold up to snare the woman as she strolled to her auto Monday nighttime, sources said.

“She lived for people, had an incredible heart,” said Gary Alcendor, the woman’s crushed previous boyfriend. “She lived predominantly for her two children.”

Charlie, 36, had quite recently abandoned her occupation at the asylum on Bronx Boulevard close Nereid Avenue in Wakefield around 5:45 p.m. what’s more, was strolling to her Honda stopped a square away when the crazy person pulled a weapon on her and requested her to get in the secondary lounge and take off her cloths, police sources said.

Spruill additionally stripped naked and attempted to rape the mother of two preceding she figured out how to escape the destitute profession criminal’s grasp and jolt naked from the auto.

Charlie ran for her life. However, the fearless woman didn’t make it far before Spruill, who likewise was naked, gotten up to speed with her and gunned her down; putting two .40 gauge slugs into her head and one in her middle.

“He strolls back to the auto after he shoots her and gets dressed and begins strolling off,” said a police source. “He is a ridiculously terrible gentleman.”

Police immediately captured Spruill and discovered him conveying the weapon used to shoot the lovely safe house director and accused him of her murder and ownership of a weapon.

Charlie, a local of Spain, was raced to Montefiore Hospital, where she was proclaimed dead.

“She asked for security, however they never gave it at that place,” Alcendor said, alluding to issue tormented Project Renewal.

“I used to lift her up from that point. I’m similar to, ‘Those individuals, you’re on the same floor as them. There’s no security,'” he reviewed.

“She was doubtlessly helping them, however she didn’t neglect the fitness,” he said.

“Infrequently there were episodes at her place that came to the heart of the matter where they needed to call the cops, however in the event that she felt the cops were taking care of the customers too hard, she got in the cops’ face.

“That is the way minding she was of the individuals, even the individuals that were attempting to hurt her.”

Spruill discovered his approach to Project Renewal in June of a year ago, months in the wake of being sans set from a Michigan jail where he served seven years for striking somebody with a lethal weapon.

He slammed at Charlie’s office until this past January, when he exited to take up home at another safe house in Manhattan and lived there until April 7, sources said.

Agents accept Spruill came back to the Bronx cover with the sole aim of carrying out the appalling wrongdoing against Charlie, whom he had his sights set on since leaving Project Renewal right around four months prior, sources said.

“The entire building is extremely disheartened by what happened,” said 36-year-old Senior Miguel, an occupant at the Project Renewal asylum where Charlie lived up to expectations. “Ana was a sweetheart. She never hurt a spirit.”

Another occupant who declined to give his name said West was a ticking time bomb who was continually on the edge.

“West was similar to a great deal of these people who get through the framework; he was a hard criminal and an executioner and no measure of treatment was gonna take it out of him,”


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