Teen Girl Trapped By Old Man For Sex


KwaZulu-Natal police and the Montclair victimized person bolster focus (VSC) have issued an alarm to parents, as teen girls are being target by more old aged men for sex.

The notice comes after a 16-yr-old girl was supposedly assaulted in Montclair by a 25-yr-old man on Tuesday, April 7. The girl asserted she met the man in Pinetown, where she was going to her close relative, Southlands Sun reported.

old man sex with teen girlThe girl’s mom, who does not wish to be named, said she didn’t comprehend why the assault happened. She said, her little girl had been seeing the man for a week when the assault occurred.

Old men trap young girl for sex

The girl met the man at a shop in Pinetown, and he said he needed to be her boyfriend. The two traded numbers and on their third meeting, the man attracted her to Montclair and supposedly assaulted her. The mother additionally alluded to the man as her girl’s boyfriend.

“The man guaranteed her a cellphone and cash. I advised her it wasn’t right to be with somebody so much more seasoned,” she said.

A case was opened at Montclair Police Station. The mother said since the occurrence, her girl has been peaceful and minded her own business.

As indicated by Montclair VSC organizer Brenda Neal, this is not the first case. Last December, a 13-year-old girl was purportedly assaulted by a 28-year-old man in Montclair. The minor was likewise not from the territory. The episode was accounted for to Montclair police.

“Young ladies are being focused by men between the ages of 30 and 40. It’s alarming in light of the fact that on account of this 16-year-old girl, she alludes to the man as her boyfriend. She wasn’t generally his girlfriend,” said Neal.

Neal said folks must be mindful of what was occurring to their youngsters and assume liability for them.

“The more seasoned men would prefer not to be the girl’s companion. They need to get to know them for sex. This is not simply incident to girls,” she said.

Neal included: “On the off chance that you say no its assault. At the point when kids say they are resting over, telephone to check if your youngsters are at a companion’s home. On the off chance that you recognize behavioral changes in your youngster, ask them what’s off-base. Instruct your kids that in the event that they’re being touched in specific parts of their bodies, they must let you know.”

The VSC facilitator said kids needed to learn great standards and qualities and that folks needed to educate their youngsters to be dependable. Neal included she dreaded episodes, for example, these could prompt sex trafficking.


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