Randy Teacher Having Sex With Five Teen Students


An Ex specialized curriculum secondary school teacher who confessed to engaging in sexual relations with five underage male students has been sentenced to three years in state jail.

Summer Michelle Hansen, 32, of California entered a libel request in February to 16 lawful offense checks identified with the sex demonstrations which incorporated seven numbers of oral sexual intercourse of a minor, six tallies of statutory assault and three numbers of disseminating obscene material to a kid, as per NBC.
Michelle Hansen teacher sex with student
The mother of three was told amid the sentencing on Friday that she should likewise enroll as a sex guilty party forever.

Folks of the exploited people were disturbed that Hansen’s supplication assertion was affirmed, which was made straightforwardly to Riverside County Superior Court Judge Becky Dugan.

On the off chance that she had been sentenced at trial, Hansen would have confronted 13 years in jail.

Judge Dugan said she contemplated components, for example, the previous teacher’s induction of blame and absence of former criminal history when settling on a suitable sentence.

In court on Friday, the judge told Hansen: ‘You’re a mother yourself. It’s past me to comprehend your conduct.’

Appointee District Attorney Kimberly Williams said that her office restricted the length of the sentence proposed by the judge yet that she was upbeat to see Hansen assume liability for her activities, as indicated by the Press Enterprise.

Hansen made a passionate supplication to the victimized people’s families while in court saying she appealed to God for them consistently and that she was ‘grief stricken’, as per KTLA.

‘I’m not a creature. I settled on awful decisions in life and for that I’m really, genuinely sorry,’ Hansen said through tears.

The ex-teacher went under examination two years prior after a previous student at Centennial High School approached to say he had intercourse with Hansen, and she was captured in June 2013.

Prosecutors said the law violations occurred in her classroom, a school utility room, her auto and at one victimized person’s home between May 2012 and 2013, as per KTLA.

It is not accepted that the students were taught by her at the time however all were less than 18 years old.


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