Naked Couple Accused Of Having Sex At Waukesha Library


Locking the entryway of a restroom at general society library doesn’t exactly qualify as “getting a room,” a Pewaukee man has learned.

Particularly when you don’t generally bolt it.

This is what police say happened in Waukesha a month ago, as indicated by a criminal dissention:

sex at LibraryA woman walked into the family restroom at the Waukesha Public Library around 5 p.m. on March 2 and was stunned to see “couple having sex in toilet naked from head to toe.” She griped to library staff that “this was inadmissible.”

At the point when security officer Bret Best came back to the restroom, it was bolted. He thumped, and heard what seemed like individuals getting dressed before Daniel Goralski, 29, and Julie Dahms rose, dressed.

Goralski at first gave a false name before appropriately recognizing himself. Best asked the couple what they were considering, and why didn’t they at any rate bolt the entryway.

Dahms she and Goralski “got energized in light of the fact that they hadn’t seen one another in a few days.” She said they did lock the entryway, and that the lock probably failed. They said they were sad and left.

Dahms got a metropolitan reference, yet in view of his former record, Goralski was accused Wednesday of jumbled behavior, as a repeater, importance he faces up to two years in jail. He is being held in the Waukesha County Jail.

As per the protest, Goralski has earlier feelings for disregarding a residential ill-use directive, safeguard hopping, and having intercourse with a youngster 16 or more seasoned.

The grievance did not list an age for Dahms, but rather the Waukesha Freeman reported she is 19. As per both of their Facebook pages, the couple is locked in to be hitched.



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