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Dorcas Shola Fapson assumed the part of Sophie, a University student who had a sugar daddy (dating a more seasoned man) and wanted to gathering. Her character was certainly a standout amongst the most adored. However the British-conceived actress who has a degree in Criminology said it was just essentially a part.

Dorcas Shola FapsonIn another meeting with The Nation, the wonderful actress uncovers her impressions of Nollywood, how far she would go to decipher a part among different things. Perused extracts underneath:

Who is Sophie in Shuga?

Last season, Sophie was a “runs” darling and she was an exceptionally cordial, fun, bubbly, no-channel sort of girl. She simply did what she needed, not giving a second thought who it influenced or how it influenced anybody. She carried on with a lighthearted life. As a “runs” angel, she was well-off. This season, Sophie is a ton more develop. She is dead set to be a superior individual. She is working, profiting. Along these lines, she is no more a “runs” angel, and has transitioned from being a “runs” angel face to a working woman; and a sort of tutor to her more youthful sister.

Anyway, what amount of Dorcas is Sophie?

I think this season, Sophie is a great deal more like Dorcas in light of the fact that she is working, centered, and is on-point with her sex life. I feel like, last season, we were altogether different on the grounds that she was a “runs” angel, laying down with anyone who could pay her lease, or school charges, or purchase her a pleasant pack. Along these lines, I feel like this season, Dorcas and Sophie are very much alike in light of the fact that, similar to I said, Sophie is extremely dedicated this season, and she is a free individual, as opposed to depending on men to pay for her.

Things being what they are, what has been the experience on the Shuga set?

Hmmm. It’s been entertaining. Last season was truly fun with the cast and everyone. This season is fun again with the new and old cast. Furthermore, on and off set, we’re all cool together. They’re astonishing performing artists and actresses.

Did Shuga issue you your first significant part?

Yes, Last season on Shuga was my TV make a big appearance; my first on-screen part, and break-in into the business.

Beside Shuga, what have you done?

I’m dealing with a couple of things. Right now I’m not permitted to discuss it on the grounds that the press discharge is not out yet.

Things being what they are, the means by which has the stimulation business been for you?

It’s been insane on the grounds that Sophie has a considerable measure of fans, so I get ceased a ton for pictures, furthermore get heaps of messages from Instagram and Twitter from everywhere, saying that they respect my work. What’s more, its simply been truly insane and its been a ton of affection from many individuals I don’t even know. I’ve gotten so much love and support from people. Along these lines, its been better than average.

The principle point of Shuga is to pass the message of being watchful with sex to adolescents. What amount of do you think the current youth is taking all that?

I surmise that they are taking it truly well on the grounds that Shuga is not only one of those long winded shows. It’s educative, and exciting in the meantime. I feel that with characters like Sophie, a considerable measure of youngsters relate to her.

They’re likely doing likewise things Sophie does. So they identify with her. Furthermore, seeing what Sophie experiences will perhaps trigger some individual like Sophie to be less rushed. Quite a few people relate to distinctive characters in Shuga.

That is the reason they identify with it and they place it into their own lives and likely practice same. They’re smarter now on the grounds that they would prefer not to experience what Sophie experienced.

What’s one of the most peculiar things you’ve needed to manage in light of the fact that you play Sophie?

I get a great deal of more established gentlemen supposing I’m similar to that, all things considered, attempting to pass me their cards etc. In my lodging, they’d be similar to, ‘my room is this, this, that, come and see me’. I’m much the same as. ‘I’m Dorcas, not Sophie’.

Is it accurate to say that you are seeing someone?

No, I’m single right now.


I’m truly centered around my vocation right now, and I don’t have time for side-lines or diversions. Anyhow, in the event that it happens, it happens. I’m not absolutely against it. I’m just extremely centered around my vocation.

How was growing up for you?

I was brought up in the UK; in London. I grew up with my father after my mum passed away. I concentrated on before I began acting. I began acting two years prior and before that, I was at the college, and have a degree in criminology.

Why did you go into acting with a degree in criminology?

Since acting is something I generally needed to do. Anyhow, you know Nigerian folks, they don’t generally concur until you begin acquiring the cash, that is the point at which they say, ‘goodness, acting is incredible.’ They’d be going like, you ought to be a specialist, you ought to be a legal advisor, you ought to be doing either. What’s more, criminology is something I’m keen on. Thus, examining Criminology was to satisfy my father, as well as about my energy for youngsters, particularly youthful wrongdoers restoring youthful guilty parties. Indeed, even now, I work with a considerable measure of youthful guilty parties, in this way, it goes as one.

How would you function with youthful wrongdoers?

In London, I work with London Probation. They work with youngsters who have quite recently left jail helping them return to work or training or extracurricular exercises. Along these lines, I help with dramatization, I may show an acting class or help alter their CV; stuff like that.

Things being what they are, have you now dumped criminology for acting?

No, I will never dump criminology for acting. I will constantly need to interweave the two. Like my ten year arrangement is to, have a show school that panders to youngsters from internal city neighborhood (poor foundations); where youngsters have a tendency to carry out more wrongdoings in light of the fact that they have no cash, they have no goal, or trust. In this way, I would need to have a show school for people that have been into a bad situation or from poor foundations.

Is it safe to say that it was a result of this generation you came into Nigeria?

It was. I don’t live in Nigeria. I live in London yet I shuttle forward and backward to work.

Things being what they are, when was the first occasion when you went to Nigeria?

The first occasion when I ever came to Nigeria was the point at which I was 14 years of age and I stayed for some time. What’s more, the second time was the point at which I came to shoot Shuga.

How old would you say you were the point at which your mom went on?

I was 14.

Is it safe to say that it was after your mum’s demise you initially gone to Nigeria?

Things being what they are, contrasted with your first arrangement of recollections, how would you see Lagos now?

When I was youthful, I didn’t care for it by any means. Anyway, now I adore it. I cherish how it is creating. I cherish the diversion business, the music, everything. I cherish it. I like London however I adore Lagos.

You must be mindful that Nollywood is developing all inclusive; do you have good examples in the business?

I do. I know Genevieve is similar to my huge sister in London. I realize that is a somewhat of a platitude, everyone should say Genevieve, Genevieve, Genevieve. Anyhow, notwithstanding when I was in London, I used to watch her and be similar to, ‘I need to be similar to her.’ I relate to her. I truly respect her work. She’s one of my symbols.

Anyway, would you do an “Aba” motion picture when it comes?

It relies on upon the script. I’m not totally hostile to Nollywood. I’m not sold on Nollywood however, in this way, I’m not, ‘goodness, I need to be a Nollywood actress’. My deciding objective, frankly, is Hollywood. I sort of fell into it coming to Nigeria, it wasn’t in my arrangement by any means. Yet, similar to you said, Nollywood is a quickly developing industry, and it is growing extremely well.

In the event that the right script goes along, then most likely, I would do it. Sadly, there are a considerable measure of senseless scripts. I need to be regarded for my work. I don’t need be to watch a motion picture I did and simply be similar to ‘arrgh, this is a frightful generation’. I need to be in great quality preparations. In this way, if the script bodes well and the generation is very much subsidized, then most likely.

Is it that you consider a large portion of the scripts leaving Nigeria as ‘not appearing well and good’?

Actually no, not in any way. Like I said, if the script is correct, then I would do it. There are very much various awesome Nollywood movies like Last Flight To Abuja. That was an astonishing script and it was shot amazingly. Along these lines, stuffs like that, I would most likely do. At the same time, something shot in some individual’s back room, with a poor script and poor sound, no.

All in all, what makes a decent script for you?

Something that has a starting and an end. I’ve viewed a couple Nollywood movies and truly a number have no significance; no head or tail, no substance. I like films that bode well. Anyway, Nollywood is growing, thus, ideally, the right script will go along.

How far would you be able to go in translating a part? Are there things, for example, that you would not do?

I feel that as an actress, you must be interested in do anything. I won’t say there is anything I can’t do. With acting, there are loads of cam traps. Along these lines, you may think someone is laying down with some person yet they’re not really doing anything. Thus, it depends. I wouldn’t totally discount anything.

Would you go nude for example?

It relies on upon the film and the creation. For instance, in 12-year-old A Slave, Lupita went topless. There was nothing the issue with that on the grounds that that was the means by which slaves were dealt with in the time.

To translate the part, she needed to go topless. Something to that effect was fine, yet in the event that its similar to oneā€¦ shooting at Surulere, its not comprehending; course, I’m not going to go topless on the grounds that its pointless.

In the event that I need to do it to translate my part, well, and obviously, if the cash is appearing well and good and the creation is appearing well and good, then yes, I would do it.

Things being what they are, the means by which lucrative has acting been for you?

It’s been astonishing for me. It’s been an extraordinary adventure, its been fascinating. I’ve truly left my safe place. I’m slithering. You need to creep before you walk. I’m making infant strides. I’m arriving at that point.

What guidance do you have for people who admire you?

For individuals who admire me, I’ll simply encourage them to continue pushing, never let anyone let them know they can’t do anything. What’s more, on the off chance that you have a fantasy, seek after it and simply be


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