Yvonne Nelson is a secondary virgin


Famous Nollywood actress Yvonne Nelson has spoken out about her sex life and marriage plan.

The 29-year-old Ghanian actress in another meeting with KSM on Metro TV discussed her vocation and relationship issues. She expressed that he is a ‘second hand virgin’ and she wants to stay like that as she is not in a hurry to wed.
Yvonne Nelson
“Not long from now I’m an optional virgin I’m simply attempting to focus on my vocation. I’m not in a surge; I would prefer not to wed today and separate tomorrow in light of the fact that it happens a ton in the business. Marriage is a lovely thing however it must be correct. I would prefer not to let my mother down, I need to make her and myself cheerful,” she said

The actress clarifies how a great deal of men get scared restricted or the other with her prosperity.

Most Ghanaian men are scared; frequently when its age fitting; then they think I’m showing improvement over them and that will be bossy and control them around. Those around my age are irritated that I’m an autonomous woman. That has dependably been the issue”.

“There was around two fellows who got frightened. Anyway I truly wouldn’t fret. Center of a year ago, I was going for something and I wasn’t persuaded so I upheld off. It needed to do with the man not being sufficiently developed” she clarified.

The actress further discussed her fantasy man saying; “The individual must be age fitting – a five year hole is alright. However I don’t need somebody excessively old on the grounds that when that happens, you can’t hold a discussion with such a man.


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