Naked Boobs are still at The Most High of fight against sexism


Most as of late the distribution of naked pictures of girlfriends (revenge porn) and superstars who have had their telephones or messages hacked like Jennifer Lawrence. The ideological defense has been given by the Guardian. There you can think that its ideological champions like veteran women’s activist Joan Smith, who in the relatively recent past composed that ‘sharing nude is one of a definitive women’s activist demonstrations.’
BRITAIN FEMEN FGMEnvision that you have ventured back in time to the 1970s. Women’s activists are out in the city of London dissenting against the Miss World rivalries. There you meet an unpleasant men’s magazine release who lets you know he has another thought for getting ladies to show men their boobs. He’s not going to offer them cash or popularity like Playboy or Penthouse. No, he’s going to get them to take off their tops for the sake of ladies’ liberation. ‘I have seen the fate of woman’s rights,’ he lets you know, ‘and it has incredible tits!’

Commonly you think: this man is crazy! Clearly no woman would succumb to that? Off-base. Did they, as well as the connection between flaunt your boobs and serving the women’s activist reason didn’t originate from men however from ladies themselves! How’s that for crazy?

Muslim girl Against of Femen

I call it parade it woman’s rights. A key crossroads in its history was the establishing of Femen — a radical women’s activist dissent gathering of ‘valiant topless female activists’ made in the Ukraine in 2008. Their witticism and means are summed up hence: ‘Our central goal is dissent. Our weapon is naked boobs.’

They are the ones behind the first ever International Topless Jihad Day, two years prior. One Femen part was cited as saying, ‘Our tits are deadlier than your stones.’ It would be amusing if ladies weren’t really being stoned to death and visual artists shot dead. Yet for sheer parade it women’s liberation lunacy you can’t beat the woman in Dresden a year ago who peeled off her top as an against rightist challenge to uncover a motto applauding Bomber Harris on her breasts. It read: ‘Expresses gratitude toward Bomber.


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