Boss Stripped Naked By Workers In Zimbabwe


A manager who contracted workers and afterward neglected to pay them has been stripped naked.

Black man strip nakedHe procured them with the guarantee of R5 000 a month. So when he was two weeks late in paying them, the gathering of specialists went with him to the bank by taxi from Ga-Matlala to Polokwane, Limpopo.

When they discovered their manager just had R52 in his ledger, they went wild. The representatives constrained him to strip off his garments until even his masculinity was blazing! A furious specialist said: “He’s a criminal. When its pay day he played find the stowaway.”

The gathering of unpaid laborers chose a unique approach to get their vengeance.

“Our families believe we’re inept for working the entire month free of charge. We needed him to feel doltish as well, flaunting his little 4-5 to the world,” she said.

The naked supervisor was recorded to verify he was uncovered however much as could be expected. In the feature, ladies are heard saying, “Demonstrate to us your 4-5!” and “We need to uncover your body as discipline for not paying us”.

The poor man looks anxious as he first strips off his shirt yet the irate ladies request him to take off everything. He begs them, yet a lady undermines to take his jeans off in the event that he doesn’t do it without anyone’s help.


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