Maitland Ward naked and bare butt photos


In the wake of seeing Maitland Ward cover her thin casing in only some verdant silver body covering for New Year – we didn’t think it could get much racier.

Maitland Ward nakedHowever she’s carried out it, and losing that tiny bit of humility, she swapped it for little more than a modest red towel to stamp Valentine’s Day.

Fifty Shades of Gray style.

The challenging actress must be anticipating the arrival of Fifty Shades of Gray the same amount of as us, in light of the fact that she got into the state of mind and stripped totally naked to check the discharge.

However perhaps the raunchiest of the part sees the star creep over the floor – yes, slither – in an ash cover.

It’s hard to pick a champ in the middle of various things New Year shoot.

The star, then blonde, demonstrated a touch of tissue blazing never harm anybody, and postured unquestionably at the Creativ PR Store in Los Angeles – doing her own bit of advancement in the meantime.


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