Kenyan woman stripped naked and beaten for stealing lingerie in Meru


A woman was beaten and left to walk nude yesterday evening by furious inhabitants of Kooje town in Meru after she was found taking under-wear from a material line in Maune Estate.

Kenyan woman stripped nakedBetty Kanario was spotted by a nursery going youngster picking internal wears that fit in with a neighbor and hurried to caution his mom. She attempted to escape with the paper sack she had stuffed the jeans in yet she stumbled and fell.

Different neighbors had effectively reacted to the woman’s shouts and captured her and to show her a lesson, they beat her and removed her garments.

She was found with 16 inward wears she had stolen from diverse homes

A woman simmering yams outside the condo provided for her an enormous yellow polythene sack to cover her bareness.


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