four white boys rape a black student


CAPE TOWN – Four student accused of the rape and strike of a black boy student will show up in court one month from now.

boy rapedThe charged, between the ages of 14 and 19, sexually struck a 18-year-old student at a farming school in Jan Kempdorp in the Northern Cape on Sunday.

It’s accounted for that the gathering of white young men sodomized the dark kid with a sweeper as a component of a racially inspired start custom.

Feature footage demonstrates four white young men strip a dark learner, paint him white and afterward rape him.

The Northern Cape Education Department is putting forth backing to the exploited person and his crew.

The police’s Priscilla Naidoo said, “Four students were conceded safeguard of R1,000 every and the case has been deferred to 5 March


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