Dad rapes 11-year-old daughter in Bauchi


Bauchi state police charge has captured a 45 years of age man for supposedly raping her 11-years-old natural daughter.

Father rapes daughterAs per the suspect Abubakar Magaji, an occupant of Liman Kagum in Bauchi LGA he occupied with the appalling demonstration in light of the fact that his wife left him.

Magaji, a father of four admitted to have had an unlawful trench with his daughter twice saying ” I am embarrassed about my self in light of the fact that It was enticement that drove me to do it.

“I separated her mom and wedded an alternate wife yet lamentably my wife likewise left me a month back so I required a woman to be with so that was the reason I did it, he said”

Parading the suspect along others at the police home office in Bauchi yesterday, the police Commissioner Lawal Shehu who communicated stress over the expand rate of rape cases in the state promised that all attacker suspects will be charge to court and arraigned.

He said, “since January, we have captured more than 10 suspected attacker, just in the not so distant future we recorded more than 5 cases. It is troubling that among the suspects captured incorporate a 45 year old man who raped his 11 years of age daughter and two matured men who are between 45 to 54 years who raped adolescent girls of between 2 yeas and 4 years”

“Any suspect captured In association with rape case will be charge to court and be indicted in light of the fact that rape suspect won’t be bailable. Actually when court are on strike, the suspects will stay in detainment till court continue and will be charge to court, Shehu said”.


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