Caught having sex in Stanley Jefferson pub toilet


POLICE were compelled to pepper-shower a couple caught engaging in sexual relations in a pub toilet after they declined to stop.

sex in pub toiletStaff at the Stanley Jefferson pub in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, called the police after “uproarious clamors” were heard originating from the women’s latrine.

The playful couple, who had gone into the latrine for a quickie, then blockaded themselves in the cubicle and declined to turn out.

Cops were compelled to blast through the entryway of the women’s can and drag the 23-year-old lady and 30-year-old man out in the nude.

A source told The Sun: “The bloke went insane and began commencing. He was yelling and swearing and tossing punches.

“He was pepper-showered accordingly and dragged out in his birthday suit by various officers.”

A female cop then handled the lady – however she declined to put any garments on.

The source included: “Inevitably she excessively commenced and began being vicious and forceful so they utilized pepper shower to quiet her down.

“The officer figured out how to compel a couple of trousers on her however she declined to wear whatever else might be available and was escorted in binds with her top half on full show.

“Both of them were exceptionally tanked.”

Shocked consumers and burger joints at the Wetherspoon pub looked as the couple were stacked into the over of a police van and taken to the police headquarters.

One witness said: “It was simply inconceivable. The man and lady went in for a tactful quickie and wound up with the entire pub viewing — also tuning in. How humiliating.”

A representative for Durham Police: “A 30-year-old man and a 23-year-old lady, both of Bishop Auckland, were captured at the Stanley Jefferson pubic house in Market Place, Bishop Auckland, last Wednesday regarding an open request offense.

“They have both been safeguarded pending further inquiries.


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