A day being naked at work


Working Naked Day was first celebrated in 2009 and 2015 have fixed date on February 1. Starting this year, unique holiday will be celebrated on the first Friday of February, according to international press.

naked at workThe celebration aims to celebrate freedom enjoyed by employees should not work in an office with fixed hours, those who can not follow their own rules and take their time as they wish, without having to answer to superiors, according (working naked dot com).

According to him, there are some recommended ways to mark this day, in addition to stand naked in the house. The idea is to speak via video messaging applications such as Skype with a friend or colleague who is in office, which will explain and show the advantages of working from home, where everyone feels most comfortable.

Another idea is to publish messages and photos to social networks, which will explain and show more clearly the benefits of being your own boss and work from home. Also, the work can be moved to the cafe, but it is not recommended that employees working completely naked in public places.

For most employees, however, Working Naked Day can be celebrated chief asking permission to work anywhere in this day elsewhere, but not in ordinary office.


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