Randy Mom Charged Having Sex With 12-year-old Son


A mom in St. Charles County, Missouri, has been accused of having sex with her son 12-year-old companion after police found she had sex with him a few times over a nine-month period.

Nicole Marie Smith, 30, allegedly gave a reasonable justification proclamation to St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar in which she supposedly said she was infatuated with the youngster, reports Fox 2 Now. She was accused Tuesday of Statutory Rape and Statutory Sodomy. Police say the kid was Smith’s just exploited person.

Nicole Marie Smith, Mom have sex with her own son

A court report expresses that the victimized person said he had intercourse and oral sex different times with Smith in her home while his companion – Smith’s child – was in the cellar, reports KMOV. It is accepted their relationship started when he was 11 years of age.

Police say the exploited person’s mom uncovered instant messages Smith purportedly sent to her child in which she purported her affection to the exploited person and let him know to delete the writings on the grounds that she dreaded getting got.

“There was declaration from the suspect that she had forceful enthusiastic sentiments that was enamored with the youngster and truly uncovered that there was more to it than the messages,” said Captain David Tiefenbrunn with St. Charles County Police.

Smith is being hung on a $75,000 money just security. On the off chance that she finds herself able to pay the bond, she won’t be permitted to have contact with the exploited person.


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