Nigerians Want Naked Girls To See – Angela Phillips


Wonderful and curvaceous Nollywood actress, Angela Phillips, appears to have a sort of vanishing acts with the media.

angela phillips

There was a period she vanished like a phantom and just returned when news was going crazy that she was existing in a congregation with her minister.

Presently after a long calm, sultry Angela was seen at an occasion in Lagos she conversed with Potpourri.

Angela Phillips said Nigerians want to see nude girls

For the people who have a long memory, you would need to reason it for a moment or somewhere in the vicinity. Disregard Angela had let us know she was a conceived again Christian of high most profound sense of being.

I figure that befell her when she reached her Pastor, then “old things have passed away’ yet making out of what she told Potpourri those “Old things may be things of future past”.

In the talk with Potpourri, she wasn’t discussing Christ advancing soon, yet about nakedness and sex and how it is the salt of excitement. She even took an agree at Nigerians, watching that Nigerians are deceivers who love bareness however imagine not to in view of some social and religious introductions they would sooner kick than keep.

“That is the thing that general society need to see, so why are they whining? They shouldn’t grumble. On the off chance that you shoot a film where everybody is decently dressed and secured from head to toe, no one will purchase it.

They need to see naked young ladies. Nigerians ought to quit imagining. That is the thing that we like and those are the things that offer. Take a gander at the artists for example, what number of gospel tunes offer?

In any case when you take a gander at the mainstream music, you’ll understand they’re making waves. Take a gander at our music features. Everyone likes bareness, be it in motion pictures or music, so they ought to quit griping,” she exposes her brain.


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