Ghanaian Ladies Agree To Perform Oral Sex Not To Talk About Anal


Without shelling, bombardment and cross border attacks, a quiet invasion has taken place.

Right before our noses porn has crept into our very lives without foreboding and citizens have as yet not managed to rid it of its infectious nature.

The invasion might have begun through sailors who brought back porn magazines to feast their eyes on but as the years rolled by with technological advancements, the reach and scope of porn materials have become pervasive and easily digestible.


Without a scientific study I dare say 3 in 5 adult Ghanaian possess porn material and 6 in every 10 tertiary student have pornographic material (video and photo) on their computer. It goes to show just how dependent a good number of Ghanaian have become on porn to perform sexual acts per my estimates.

Ghanaian women preferred oral sex but say no about anal sex

2014 proved one thing, that Ghanaian were tired of watching others perform sexual deeds whiles they themselves possessed the skills and the technology to shoot their own films.

The Tamale pimp, the Fante girl video aka ‘wuhu aba’, the one porn video whose sharing was banned and Tiffany’s video all go to show the brazen nature of our fellow citizens.

Hitherto and as late as the 90’s, it was rare for Ghanaian ladies to agree to perform oral sex not to talk of anal but thanks to porn sucking a dick now has become the acceptable appetizer to a main course meal which varies from 69, Cow Girl, Doggie Style to Anal Sex.

It is now common talk for male and female friends and colleagues to talk about multiple sex partners they have without feeling unabashed.

Ghanaian women won’t talk about anal sex

If for nothing at all porn has broadened horizons of many people including Ghanaian. Whiles magazines led the way, to view folks expose their privates in living color, the availability of VHS and color television enabled an increasing number of citizens to rent the videos and watch in the comfort of their homes.

The onset of DVD’s or CD’s caused the explosion that porn needed in Ghana as folks could now own the DVD’s and because of their little sizes not draw attention and so it was only a matter of course that the internet, computers and the arrival of pen drives would cause more and more people to lay hands on pornographic images.

Mobile or cell phones with their infra-red and bluetooth devices was manna for many as with a click of the button friends, relations and associates could view and compare notes on performances and endowments of the porn actors and actresses and even more so with WhatsApp.

Soon names like Kapri Styles, Pinky, Cherokee, Blu Diamond, Alexis Silver, Angel Eyes, Skyy Black, Jada Fire and the massively endowed Mandingo became cult figures for the porn enthusiasts.

Although ‘gala’ matches were fairly common in our local setup, there is little doubt that exposure of our ladies to porn has led to a willingness to try out gang bangs, double anal and squirts.

The shock value of watching porn lends credence to the believe that man left to his devices can be a destructive force. But for porn, many wouldn’t see a midget carried in a suitcase having sex, ladies ejaculating a mixture of urine and cum juice after stimulation, find certain clitoris so huge they could be mistaken for a mini prick, dicks so long and huge only half is used for penile intrusion, vagina so big that aside accommodating wine bottles and 1.5 liter bottles, they actually consume a grown man’s head.