Father Raped 6-year-old Step Daughter In Kiambu


Ndumberi town in Kiambu County is in stun after a father raped his 6-year-old step daughter before ruining her body and stashing it in a bag.

father-rape-step-dautherEvanson Njau who fled in the wake of submitting the brutal demonstration called his wife and let her know that he had chosen to give up the girl for Sh 3 million.

His wife told the media that she took these words as a joke until Njau demanded that she checks their bag where the cash was.

On convey it, she acknowledged it was substantial and that is the point at which she called her sister so they can open it together. They discovered the assemblage of the girl with a cinch around her neck recommending that she may have been strangled first. She was likewise draining from her privates and it was clear that she had been debased.

Njau then broke her appendages with the goal that she fits in the bag.

The territory police manager said that they are exploring the matter and are searching for the father.


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