Chelsea Edogun Will Act Nude Under The Right Situation


Chelsea Edogun says “Lesbianism and homosexuality is now regular in Nollywood”

If you don’t mind let us know about yourself

Chelsea-Edogun-nude-legs-cleavageMy name is Chelsea Edogun. I’m from Edo State, Benin City to be exact. I’m the first offspring of a group of six young ladies. I considered Biochemistry in Delta State University. After I graduated I sought after my long-lasting energy which is acting and I don’t think twice about it. I’m pleased to be an actress.

How could you have been able to you get into the film business and what affected you to join Nollywood?

Really, there isn’t any exceptional way I joined Nollywood not one or the other did something or somebody affected me to join Nollywood. Being in the film business has dependably been my enthusiasm from adolescence, so I recently sought after my energy and here I am.

What turns you on?

Hmm! I realize what you are thinking however you are incorrect, in light of the fact that at this time the main thing that turns me on as an actress is a film part that difficulties me, a motion picture that is unheard of. A film with a distinction!

What a piece of your body do you appreciate the most and why?

I appreciate all aspects of my body on the grounds that all are essential to me as a lady. Case in point, I need my legs to have the capacity to walk carefully. I need my hands to have the capacity to display my hair stunningly, along these lines do different parts similarly have their uses, yet most vital of all is my cerebrum, in light of the fact that I’m generally in need of it consistently.

Aside acting, what else do you do?

Separated from acting, I’m additionally into the style business. I import and offer women and men’s wears, for example, garments, shoes, cinchs, packs, and others under “Klassykrushkollection ” which is claimed by me.

Do you have any plan to create your own particular film?

Yes, I do plan to deliver my own motion picture later on, yet acting still remains my need.

In your own evaluation, how has Nollywood fared as such?

Sincerely, I think Nollywood has progressed beyond anyone’s expectations, things are progressing pretty well, there has been a ton of upgrades, yet not withstanding we could likewise improve to bring out the best. In a brief time from now I unequivocally accept there will be a “Nollywood with a Difference ”

Will you act nude?

Acting nude is no more something new in the film industry. Yes, I will act nude under the privilege circumstances, which incorporate a decent script with a decent group to work with. At that point acting nude is no major ordeal on the grounds that as an actress I ought to have the capacity to place myself into any character, the length of its expert.

Can you kiss an alternate young lady in a film?

As an Actress, yes, I can. Possibly individuals may read the wrong intending to it, yet for me I trust its a feeling of professionalism.

Let us know a portion of the films you have offered in.

So far I have offered in excess of 20 films subsequent to 2012. Some of which are out and some which are yet to be discharged. I offered in Tears of a Fighter, Sacrifice De Baby, Body Odor, Before Christmas, After Christmas, Royal Goddess, Chemical Madness, Money 4 Hand, Desperate Students, Authentic Students, V.i Desperate Chicks, and numerous more.

Which is the best and why?

The best film I’ve emphasized in is “Illustrious Goddess ” in light of the fact that the part I played in the motion picture is altogether different from the sort of parts I generally play in the vast majority of my films. Commonly individuals see me as a charm individual thus I for the most part assume allure parts yet in this film I assumed the part of a nearby town young lady.

Which of them is most difficult and why?

My most difficult film is likewise “Illustrious Goddess ” in light of the fact that it has a considerable measure of escapades in it and there is literally nothing I adore more than exploit.

Which actress have you had meat with on a motion picture area?

I have never truly had an issue with any actress on an area in light of the fact that for me I don’t think I have time for such things. When I’m on an area my just center is the way to acquire out the best the part I’m playing. Along these lines, clearly I am so occupied there is no option hamburger anybody.

What sort of man do you like?

The sort of man I like is a man who is fair at all times and who comprehends my vocation as an actress.

What do you need to say in regards to the climbing instances of lesbianism and gay way of life in Nollywood?

That being said, I would say lesbianism and gay way of life is even more a societal issue in Nigeria, despite the fact that this way of life has gotten to be so basic in Nollywood, yet by the by, I don’t pass judgment on individuals focused around their private lives, on the grounds that it is intended to be private. I admiration everybody’s emotions and identities similarly. It doesn’t make a difference if an individual is gay or a lesbian. It’s not in me to separate.


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