Adediwura Wants Have Sex Everyday


My initially meeting with Adediwura Adesegha just about got off on a wrong balance on the grounds that both of us to a degree had our heads underneath water.

Adediwura-AdeseghaBe that as it may before we could truly had a go at one another, we discovered a click some place and become friends on a decent note. It was then I understood this midnight magnificence is something exceptional.

Despite the fact that I got off without being scratched regardless she figured out how to abandon me with severe lingering flavor; ” You are allowed to compose at all you considered fit, I snicker over news,” she sternly let me know.

Adediwura Adesegha preferred having sex everyday

Long story short – I met this Yoruba Nollywood maiden, in her late thirties, who would rather shoot detainees than take them in and we got talking, on any issue under the sun.

She’s a graduate of English from Lagos State University and has been acting following 2008. Her companions and fans call her the Black gold by virtue of a part she played out at a point in her profession.

Adediwura-Blarkgoldlike I said in the recent past, she doesn’t take detainees, and when we got discussing sex and what it could intend to her getting arrived with a gentleman that has all the masculine qualities without the drive to fulfill a lady in cot.

she wouldn’t keep anything down, she let me have everything. “My way of life doesn’t rotate around any man, in the event that you can’t fulfill me in bunk, I will tell you can’t fulfill me .We will discover a way out. It is safe to say that it is not about making adoration?

I’ll let you know this is the way I need you to do it. Offer it to me along these lines. I am a grown-up, I see no motivation behind why I ought to timid far from that on the off chance that I truly think he is alright enough for me,” she said

Sex is a free style, it relies on upon one’s assessment. In the event that you are a grown-up is there any good reason why you shouldn’t have it?

It needs to do with the single person. It is not something to be examined for the most part. My own particular view about sex is having a good time. In the event that I feel like having it, I will. In the event that I don’t feel like,then I keep myself.

I can choose to have it Monday to Friday, in the event that I have the quality and if the man is there for me. I think my energy can overlook daily sex.

It relies on upon what I need at that minute,” she included. Anyhow as an intensely frontally supplied lady, Adediwura trusts her colossal boobs are not the greatest in Nollywood, she accepts there are other people who are in front of her in line.

“I will place myself in classification C or may be class B. I have individuals who are in the class A like Ronke Oshodi Oke or Foluke Daramola,” she said.



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