Topless Jennifer Aniston cuddles with hairstylist


Jennifer Aniston (45) has such a good relationship with her stylist that she embraced him literally naked. For a photo shoot for the January issue of Allure Jen is firmly held by a smiling from ear to ear Chris McMillan. A nipple-gate is so subtle appearance.

Topless Jennifer Aniston
Topless Jennifer Aniston

The celebrated actress has been working for years with Chris. He is the one who came up with the ‘Rachel’, praised her hairdo in the hit series Friends. Jennifer: “A bad hair day can really make your day start wrong, like many other things, but it’s nice if your hair well, because if you can focus on the things that go wrong.”

Jennifer Aniston in the Nineties imposed to all the teenagers the legendary cut “the Rachel”, medium and climbed over the shoulders, and since then has not abandoned that hairstyle luck. On “Allure” has posed topless clinging to the author of his success: the muscular and heavily tattooed hairstylist Chris McMillan. While he embraces her tenderly, she glances met the target as if to say: “It ‘s just my!”

Allure let loose to Jennifer that she is very proud of her fiance Justin Theroux. “It was nice to learn to let go of control a little loose and someone really, really care about you to leave.” Statements are also elicits about motherhood. Jennifer does not like the pressure being imposed on it. “That you fail as a woman if you have not propagated yourself I think is not fair There are perhaps no children come out of your vagina, but that does not mean you can not mothering -… Dogs, friends, children of friends”.


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