Photos: Nicky Hilton spotted pretty feline booty at Miami beach


If Nicky Hilton hoped to sunbathe in peace yesterday in Miami, is missed. Her little leopard bikini has not failed to hit in the eye of the paparazzi who immortalized her from every angle sunbathing session.
In the rich Hilton family, I ask Nicky!

Photos: Nicky Hilton spotted pretty feline booty at Miami beach
Nicky Hilton bikini bod at Miami beach
While a freezing cold seized for several days in New York, Kate Middleton and Prince William have tested it in their long-awaited arrival in the Big Apple there occurred a few hours, some stars have chosen fly to sunny destinations to take it easy and keep warm. This is the case of Nicky Hilton.

Like Eva Longoria and her sexy boyfriend Jose Antonio Baston is in Miami Nicky Hilton opted to go for a gray sunbathing. The little sister of Paris Hilton was first spotted passing a phone call on the beach, feet in the sand, adorned with a colorful and light tunic. If the starlet, 31, recently betrothed to James Rothschild , did not care to be monitored by the photographers, mood changes a few minutes later when she discovered they peered behind her.
In her pretty tunic, Nicky hid a small leopard bikini sexy.Se thinking of sight, drowned in the crowd to gild the pill on his recliner, the starlet did not appreciate all the see his deflected goals diaper. To prove its edgy looks …
Is it because she has to accompany Paris to Cannes next Saturday night for the grand ceremony of the NRJ Music Awards Nicky perfect tan? His big sister has indeed confirmed that she would be present on the red carpet of the event presented Nikos Aliagas and broadcast live on TF1.

Nicky Hilton Bikini photos at Miami Beach


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