Photos: Olivia Wilde plays hot mama show off Hot bikini bod


Seven months after giving birth to her little boy, Otis, Olivia Wilde has drawn a bikini body in hell for his vacation in Hawaii with her boyfriend Jason Sudeikis.

Photos: Olivia Wilde plays hot mama show off Hot bikini bod
Olivia Wilde: she plays hot mama for the first holiday of her baby

This is what is called give a lesson! Olivia Wilde appeared in swimsuits, with impeccable body this Monday, December 8 while enjoying their family vacation to Hawaii. The actress star of the series Dr House has decided to spend some time away from Hollywood, where she made ​​several trips attracted much attention in recent times, to devote himself to his family.

Seven months after the birth of their son, Otis in April, Olivia Wilde and her fiancé, actor Jason Sudeikis, so can fully devote themselves to their family. Moreover, they have spent a long time on a paradise beach between paddle and other water and swimming activities for their first baby boy!
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Muscular, thin, smiling, Olivia Wilde looks decidedly live her motherhood with real happiness. There are some days, it was also demonstrated by appearing sublime for brand Revlon cosmetics , which she muse. In an interview with Yahoo! News last month, Olivia Wilde also said: ” I feel more beautiful since I became a mother


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