The lesbians usually reach orgasm


Kinsey Institute’s researchers have begun to address orgasm in terms of sexual orientation, noting in particular that in the sample population considered, consisting of American singles subjects, heterosexual women were the least likely ‘nirvana compared to men sexual tendency confused.
The lesbians usually reach orgasm
The researchers first made a nationally representative group of 6,151 single men and women aged 21 to 65 years living in the United States, which was asked to complete a questionnaire on the internet. The researchers reduced the sample to 2850 individuals who reported having had sex during the year preceding the experiment.

“The existing literature on the subject demonstrates significant variation among women in matters of orgasm, to a lesser extent – but not recklessly – in men,” write the researchers. “This study confirms these results and intends to deepen the understanding of the existence of orgasm in men and women in a variety of self-identified sexual orientation.”

The group consists of people studied to about 75% of white people. It excludes persons who are not confined to a familiar partner. It excluded intersex people, this study does not address. The identity of persons was also checked to prevent automated questionnaires fillings.
The lesbians usually reach orgasm
Among heterosexual women surveyed, 7.5% (86 women) say they suffer from anorgasmia: they never reach orgasm. In contrast, 16.2% reported heterosexual orgasm every sex. The majority of heterosexual respondents (411) said they had an orgasm from “75% to 99%” of the time. Few differences were observed among bisexual who, like heterosexuals, are more likely to fall into the slice “75% to 99%.”

Lesbians, however, show a greater tendency to achieve orgasm: 25% say they experience each report, 46% would do so “75% to 99%” of the time. Very few (2.2%) say organism.

In men, the diversity of experiences is less. Few individuals evoke organism and the three sexual orientations rank especially in the first two tranches (100% and “75% to 99%”). The percentage of heterosexual men reported experiencing orgasm consistently slightly higher than the percentage of gay and bisexual men in the same situation.
The lesbians usually reach orgasm
The researchers point out that the idea of “familiar partner” may vary according to sexual orientation: “The wording of the questionnaire, which asks participants to comment on orgasm ’caused by sex with a familiar partner’ can give to various interpretations, including the terms’ sex ‘and’ familiar partner “write the authors of the study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Future research should allow to study how demographics, including sexual orientation but not only come into play.


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