What Didi Ekanem Big Butt has put Her through


Didi Ekanem is one of the Up rising actresses in Nollywood. Her bum denotes her out, however Didi needs to be perceived for her ability on-screen instead of for her bum. In this elite meeting, she discusses her profession, life and that’s just the beginning:
Didi Ekanem Big Butt

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How has it been as such?

It’s been wonderful, intriguing and insane in the meantime. How about we simply say I am having a fabulous time the distance.

What do you mean insane?

Insane in the feeling of difficulties you need to face

What difficulties would you say you are confronting?

Challenges in the genuine feeling of the expression, as not by any stretch of the imagination having makers trusting in you and obviously, you know yourself, you know you have the ability however the maker doesn’t see it your direction. As an actress I have needed to go the additional mile, not in the antagonistic sense, to make individuals see past the looks and see profound into the delightful ability inside. I thank God I have gone past that now.

What number of films have you done for the current year?

In the not so distant future I’ve done in excess of seven films. As a matter of first importance, there was Jump and Pass which turned out two months prior or a month ago. I additionally did Dining with the Devil and Akan. I recently completed Journey to the Dreamland with IK Ogbonna and True to Love with Kalu Ikeagwu . I can’t recall the rest random at this moment.

What’s the first thing you pay a special mind to in a script?

In the recent past, what I used to pay a special mind to was what number of scenes I was going to do however at this moment when I get a script, the first thing I pay special mind to is the story. I simply rapidly experience the story and afterward after the story, I go to my character to know whether my character is testing or not

What would you be able to or can’t do in translating a part?

As a matter of first importance, my occupation is to act. Thus, I should have the capacity to play each character. I can do a sex scene obviously, you realize that it’s not like you’re going to engage in sexual relations for genuine, presumably simply take off some piece of your apparel and simply act it. As a performing artist, I need to assume each part; I can do a sex scene. I can play as a lesbian, indeed I have a motion picture that I played as a lesbian and I played it so well

What film was that?

Insane Girls and I played it exceptionally well.

Did you kiss someone in it?

Yes obviously, I did everything a lesbian would do. That is me being a performer.

Could you let a fellow snatch your bum in a film?

Obviously, in Jump and Pass, a fellow tapped my ass. In the event that it must be genuine, there’s nothing there, it’s simply getting my bum.

How would you feel having one of the greatest bums in Nollywood?

It’s a decent feeling and an eminent one. However I won’t deceive you, as much as I cherish it so much, I simply wish individuals would concentrate more on my ability than my bum. All the fixation out there is on my bum not my ability. I would genuinely wish individuals to see me as a gifted actress not a sexy one. In any case my bum is not permitting individuals to see me where it counts, to see the individual and the ability.

Truly, is your bum regular?

Individuals dependably say this at whatever point they see my bum. Keep going time I was on Linda Ikeji, I read remarks individuals made and there were more inquiries whether my bum was genuine or took a shot at. Some said it is made of plastic yet you are here now and can see there is no manufactured frivolity or expansion. My bum is genuine, its similar to 101% genuine, I was conceived thusly, I was conceived like this. I’ve had it since I was in Js1, actually that was the point at which I began recognizing it.

That is the point at which you began recognizing how enormous it is?

Precisely, and It’s been similar to this. At that point I never cherished it, on the off-chance that I need to let you know the things that I’ve experienced on account of my mum, you won’t trust me

What’s the craziest thing someone has done to you on its record?

Craziest thing? A crazy person really snatched my bum out in the open, while strolling out and about. That is similar to the craziest thing, what else can perhaps be crazier than that? I was simply passing, I needed to get something and next thing, he simply strolled up to me and snatched my bum from behind. When I turned, he was all the while holding it like a crazy person and I shouted, I ran, left my shoes and everything. Individuals simply remained there and they were simply chuckling

It appears you like revealing to it off on Instagram, would you be able to do a twerking feature or ‘shaking your thing feature?

I haven’t really thought about that, albeit I have my twerking features however I simply feel that they are for only me, they are close to home, and I don’t need to put them on Instagram. Obviously, when I take a decent picture that demonstrates my bum, I’ll put it on Instagram; they can see the greater part of that, me posturing in pictures and what not

There’s a conviction that young ladies with big butt are normally more sexually dynamic than young ladies with enormous boobs, would it say it is genuine?

I will represent myself, on the grounds that I feel young ladies with enormous bums are normally exceptionally sluggish in couch, however for me I’m extremely dynamic, along these lines, I’ll simply represent myself. I’m extremely adaptable with my bum.

You are extremely adaptable with your bum?

Obviously, I utilize it extremely well

How regularly do you feel individuals ought to be engaging in sexual relations?

The same number of times as you need; on the off-chance that you need to have it 100 times each day, bravo

You energize it, you love it?

Who doesn’t love sex? I’m not going to sit here and let you know I dislike sex. Everyone loves sex; it is simply regular so I’m not going to imagine I dislike it. For me, I’m an exceptionally occupied individual so I don’t have that time to try to appreciate it as much as I ought to or have it as much as I ought to.

In any case despite everything you appreciate it when you have it?

Obviously, at whatever time I have sufficient energy for it, obviously, I do

What’s your most loved sexual position?

Each position goes, the length of I can feel what I need to feel by then. Each position is fine.

What makes you horny or turns you on?

Fundamentally, that would just rely on upon how sexually appealing the fellow looks. I figure that is the main thing that can turn me on

Can you wear something exceptionally scanty in a video?

I adore it. Anything scanty, I would shake it splendidly

Could you strip in a film?

Obviously, I let you know as an on-screen character I would do anything besides that doesn’t imply that I’m urgent for fame or anything, its fair me being a performer. I am intended to do all that, I’m not intended to be stereotyped

What has been the most elevated purpose of your vocation as such?

The most noteworthy point for me is simply having you question me at this moment. Truly, I never saw this day nearing; simply being recognized by Vanguard for me is a high point. I haven’t gotten to the most astounding point yet, despite everything I’m getting there however this at this time is marvelous, it simply makes me feel like I’m getting some place

In your estimation what has been your best movie?

Hop and Pass delivered by Uduak Oguamanam Isong and controlled by Desmond Elliot

On the off-chance that you could change one thing in Nollywood, what would it be?

Unremarkableness, nepotism and tribalism; if there’s anything I could change all alone, its average quality. In case you’re an on-screen character and you don’t have the ability, you don’t need to act

Do you accept Nigerian society limits on-screen characters and actresses on how they communicate on cam?

Obviously it does, in the same way as 101%. Truly, its insane; on the off-chance that we didn’t have this sort of society, trust me, a ton of Nigerian actresses would go hard and fast and when I say full-scale, I mean full-scale

What does it truly take to be a decent actress?

To be a decent actress, it takes diligent work; you need to deal with yourself exceptionally well and consistency. For me, I’m showing signs of improvement consistently and that is on account of I chip away at myself constantly, practice all the time and I work frequently

How was growing up like for you?

I had a heavenly experience growing up, I had a wonderful time, I can’t grumble. I had an extremely strong father, exceptionally empowering kin, I had all that I needed and went to the best schools

Where did you school?

My Secondary School was FGC Ikot Ekpene, and after that I went to Macdonald Memorial School before picking up induction into University of Port Harcourt to study Linguistics and Communications

Who do you anticipate working with in Nollywood?

I haven’t worked with Mercy Johnson and I can hardly wait to work with her in light of the fact that I love her to such an extent. She moves me a ton, and I’m anticipating working with her.

How would you handle your male admirers?

I’m an exceptionally decent individual however they can truly escape from hand. I’ll simply give a grin, wave and leave

Has anybody ever punished your bum and fled, something to that effect?

Obviously in a club; He got it and I turned and slapped him. It was simply truly insane in light of the fact that I was moving and eventually I perceived that he was really gazing at me yet I would not like to make a major ordeal out of it. As I was moving, next thing I felt was a hand on my butt, so I recently turned and hit him, it was a reflex activity. I was truly pissed like how could you do that? That was truly humiliating. It was as though he needed to try to battle me on the grounds that when I slapped him, despite everything he needed to take a swing at me until individuals interceded. I practically cried that day, it was truly humiliating

What would you like to tell your fans?

I simply need them to watch out for me in light of the fact that by one year from now, I am taking it. I don’t know how its going to happen yet God is going to do it for me in any case way He has dependably been doing.


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